Houston Tree Service Experts Helps Homeowners Understand the Best Time for Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Houston, Texas – After noticing an increasing number of homeowners who are requesting tree trimming and tree pruning service at random times throughout the year, Houston Tree Service Experts has decided to help tree owners understand the best time to invest in these tree service procedures. To get the message across, the company organized a Lunch and Learn event yesterday.

Speaking at the event, the company’s CEO had the following to say, “Our tree trimming team Houston has been receiving calls from homeowners who want tree trimming in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. One thing that these tree owners do not understand is how important it is to time tree pruning and trimming correctly. These service procedures involve cutting the tree. And for maximum benefits, the cutting should be done at the points in time when least damage is expected.”

Houston Tree Service Experts

The company’s CEO noted that most trees in Houston city have a dormant season. He noted that this is a period when the tree stops growing actively for some time. He pointed that for maximum benefits, trimming and pruning should be conducted when the trees are dormant.

“Trees in this city enter the dormant stage in the fall season,” said the CEO. “This is the period when they lose their leaves in preparation for the coming winter. Pruning the trees when they are dormant helps keep injuries and infections at a minimum. It also helps the tree have more vigor when it springs out of the dormant stage in the spring season.”

A company that has been handling tree maintenance procedures for more than 25 years, Houston Tree Service Experts is home to the most experienced team of tree cutting professionals Houston. Using this team, the company can handle all tree-related services, including pruning and trimming, tree service removal Houston, stump removal, and emergency tree service Houston. To see the services the company offers, you can check the company’s website here: https://www.treeservicehoustontx.com/.

“Our team of tree cutting professionals Houston relies not just on their years of experience but also modern tree service tools,” said the company’s CEO. “Using advanced tools like bucket trucks, modern safety tools, and even cranes when working on risky tree removals, our team can make risky procedures safe.”

Houston Tree Service Experts has its base of operation at 6420 Hillcroft Ave, Houston, TX 77081, United States. However, those interested can reach the company from the comfort of their home by calling +1 281-519-6308 or sending an email to sales@treeservicehoustontx.com.


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