Houston Residents Searching Online For "Sell My House Fast" Can Now Rely On Southern Hills Home Buyers

Southern Hills Home Buyers is now expanding its services to the Houston, TX area in 2022. Readers can find out more about the company’s services by checking out its blog post at https://www.southernhillshomebuyers.com/blog/sell-fast-houston-options-to-get-cash-for-your-home/.

Southern Hills Home Buyers is a Houston real estate investment firm that buys properties all throughout the Houston area. The company can directly buy a house from a seller who is looking to sell quickly for myriad reasons such as facing a divorce, foreclosure, liens, or even if they just need urgent cash.

Sell my house fast Houston

The company offers a lot of distinct advantages to its clients that they are unlikely to find if they go through the traditional channels of selling a home. For example, sellers usually have to list with a real estate agent who then prepares the house for selling and also advertises the listing. The real estate agent then points out the parts of the house that need repairs to make it more appealing to individuals or families who are in the market for a house to move into. It usually takes a lot of paperwork and the waiting time to sell a house through a real estate broker is around a couple of months and they will also end up taking a commission as a percentage of the cost of the sale.

On the contrary, real estate investment firms such as Southern Hills Home Buyers that buy directly from the sellers do business differently and afford their clients a lot of conveniences. Firstly, they don’t require an extensive list of repairs from the seller as they have the connections and the crew to handle them themselves. The seller can concentrate on selling the property in whatever condition it currently is, guaranteeing a quick turnaround time for them. Southern Hills Home Buyers will even handle the donation and clean out of personal belongings after the seller moves out if they choose to leave them behind. Second, there is no intermediary agent to worry about which means that the seller communicates and negotiates directly with the company. This eliminates real estate broker commissions, saving the seller a substantial sum of money.

Third, the home doesn’t need to be prepped for being showcased to potential buyers as the company makes the decision to purchase the home based on its own internal metrics that determine the ideal property value. Fourth, the entire process of selling directly to a company like Southern Hills Home Buyers takes a fraction of the time, giving the seller the freedom and flexibility to quickly offload a property to get the funds they need and move on with their life. Readers can find out more about the advantages of doing business with Southern Hills Home Buyers by heading over to the link: https://www.southernhillshomebuyers.com/we-buy-houses-houston-texas/.

The company has a simple three-step process for making the homeowner an offer on their property. It begins with the homeowner contacting the company with the details of the property they are trying to sell. The company will then research the details of the home and start working on an offer that takes into account the property’s location, condition, and overall value as determined by its appraisers. The company will then give the seller a fair cash offer without any obligations to accept or not, without charging any additional fees. Homeowners can receive the company’s offer in as little as a week. Finally, once the offer is accepted by the seller, the company can quickly run through the necessary paperwork and disburse them the cash for their home, usually within 2 to 7 days of the acceptance of the offer.

Southern Hills Home Buyers is local to Houston and is family-owned and operated. It has over 7 years of real estate experience buying homes in Houston and nearby Dallas. Readers can reach out to the Houston company at the phone number (832) 230-2636 or visit its office location at 1220 Blalock Rd, Suite 345, Houston, TX 77055. Readers can find out more about the company by heading over to its website at https://www.southernhillshomebuyers.com/.


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