Houston Psychiatrist Extols Virtues Of Telepsychiatry

Houston, TX based Aura MD’s lead psychiatrist, and CEO, Dr. Ashley Toutounchi, MD is reaching out to discuss the benefits offered by online psychiatry and telepsychiatry. Dr. Toutounchi acknowledges that many have questions about the value of pursuing mental health treatment via digital channels, and this extends to concerns that it may not be as effective. To address these concerns, she is explaining how the system works and why many are likely to prefer it. Learn more here: Psychiatrist Houston.

Healthcare as a whole, as providers and facilities across the country are swiftly coming to accept, has gradually been evolving over the past few decades. Before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was evident to many that online psychiatry and telepsychiatry would eventually come to represent a sizable fraction of mental health services. However, given the challenges that followed the pandemic, such as the need to respect quarantines, avoid gatherings and maintain social distancing, Dr. Toutounchi and Aura MD found that the adoption of digital alternatives was accelerated.

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As a result, a large volume of patients quickly discovered that seeking mental health treatment online could be much more viable in certain situations. To begin with, online appointments tend to be more convenient since the patient can attend from the comfort of their own home and has no need to travel. Adult mental health support is therefore only a few clicks away, and patients who travel regularly can similarly avoid missing appointments. All they need is a stable internet connection.

The same is true for medications. Regardless of where the patient lives, they can have their medication delivered to their preferred pharmacy. The Houston psychiatrist adds that it can even be delivered by mail to their home. This ensures that anyone who is prescribed medication for their adult mental health needs will not have to change their routine or schedule simply to pick up their prescription. Similarly, if they opt to have deliveries sent directly to their home address, they will not have to wait in line at the pharmacy to fill it out. This can eliminate any need to mask up and maintain social distancing outdoors given present circumstances, but Dr. Toutounchi comments that many patients who simply dislike crowds or need to minimize external stimulation may find this more suitable as well.

An excerpt from a glowing review by M. Mitha sheds light on Aura MD’s approach to digital mental health services and overall patient care. They say, “One area that sets AuraMD apart from other practices is its commitment to a digital patient experience powered by the Elation Passport app. Tech-savvy patients are going to appreciate having the ability to contact their provider, request refills and schedule appointments right at their fingertips. I cannot tell you how cool it is to get a notification with a summary of your office visit before you even make it to your car.”

The review continues, “Another area that sets AuraMD apart from other practices is its holistic approach to the person. While I have not utilized the Body by Aura services, the practice makes clear that they are on the cutting edge of premiere wellness and revolutionary science with their genetic fitness testing, micronutrient testing, food sensitivity testing and candida testing. I cannot recommend Dr. Toutounchi enough for any mental health concern that you may have. Thank you to Dr. Toutounchi, Kathy and the rest of the AuraMD team. God bless!”

Those looking for the best psychiatrist in Houston TX need look no further than the team at Aura MD. Patients always come first at this clinic, and their individual needs receive as much attention as required no matter how simple or complex their case may be. At Aura MD, patients and their families can rest assured that they are receiving the most effective treatment possible via an ethical, dedicated and highly educated team.

Aura MD offers premier psychiatric services for adult ADHD, anxiety and depression. They are also a mental health facility that is leading the way when it comes to the advancement of telepsychiatry endeavors. This ensures that everyone in Houston, Texas and the surrounding communities has access to treatments that can properly address their mental health issues.


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