Houston Lawyer Reflects On Covid’s Impact On DWI Cases

The Houston, TX based Butler Law Firm is taking measures to educate their community on the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on drinking and driving cases in the state. The firm strongly advises drivers to refrain from drinking and driving even in the best of times, and this is likely more crucial today given present circumstances. However, the firm also acknowledges that some individuals may be unfairly targeted as law enforcement attempts to curtail such behavior. Drivers are advised to seek the advice of the DWI experts at the Butler Law Firm if they find themselves under suspicion of breaking these laws.

During the early days of the pandemic, many expected that cases involving drinking and driving in the state of Texas would plummet, and this expectation grew following the stay-at-home order that came into place in March of 2020. While this proved to be true for a short period, the drop was not as sharp as predicted, and the rate at which drunk driving cases appeared soon began to climb again to pre-pandemic levels. According to the firm, this can possibly be attributed to a few distinct reasons.

First and foremost, the inability to head out to restaurants and bars does not necessarily mean that people stopped drinking altogether. It is likely that many simply turned to drinking in the comfort of their homes as they waited for dining establishments to reopen. Given that they still needed to go outside in order to check on family, purchase essentials and so on, these individuals may have unwittingly taken to the road when they were close to or above the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC). Learn more here: DWI Lawyer Houston.

This changed when bars reopened in Texas, especially given that this period included several holidays that Americans love to celebrate. Some police departments saw their DWI numbers double during certain weekends (if they coincided with a holiday).

The Butler Firm further cautions that this period should be considered particularly dangerous to drink and drive, or even be on the road in general, due to the fact that roads can be less congested than is normal for this time of year. This has had the unfortunate effect of giving some drivers the false impression that it is safer to drive above the speed limit or after extensive alcohol consumption. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that, on average, a person dies every nine hours as a result of drunk driving in Texas alone. The state also ranks among the highest for drunk driving death rates in the country.

The Butler Law Firm strongly discourages this, asking their community to remain vigilant during this period and keep themselves and their loved ones safe. This involves taking extra care on the roads, even when they seem clear, in addition to refraining from driving under the influence. However, the firm reassures their community that they will have help if they are unfairly pulled over by law enforcement. The Butler Law Firm is one of Houston’s only attorneys who are accredited as a DWI specialist, and they are always keen to protect their clients to the full extent of the law.

A recent Google review from Kathy G. awards the team a perfect 5-Star rating for their contributions, praising them for their candid approach to the case and how easy they were to communicate with — praise that is not uncommon for the firm to receive from their clients. The review says, “Please don’t hesitate to choose Mr. Butler. Since day one, he was very confident that we were going to succeed with my case. He didn’t disappoint. He is very professional, confident and very knowledgeable. I’m thankful for him and his team representing me! Thank you, Butler Law Firm.”

Boris R. adds to this in their own top-rated review, elaborating on how the firm’s deep experience helps to ensure cases progress smoothly. “Very professional lawyer who has an extensive knowledge of the law when it comes to DWI,” an excerpt from the review points out. “He can handle the most difficult cases due to his long experience in the matter; over 23 years. I hope I don't have to, but if a friend ever has a DWI case I would definitely recommend Jim without hesitation.”

Jim Butler, lead attorney at the Butler Law Firm, can be reached in the event that anyone wishes to schedule a consultation with an experienced Houston DWI lawyer or make further inquiries regarding the firm’s services. The firm can also be reached through their official website and social media platforms.


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