Hometown Hall Launching Phase I of its Community Website

Hometown Hall (HTH) #hometownhall – HometownHall.Com announced it has opened its new Community Website and launching Phase 1 of its project.

HometownHall.Com - Hometown Hall KICK OFF

Hometown Hall is part of the CityNewsAndTalk.Com network of Affiliates comprising of thousands of top US cities.

In addition, the domain name HometownHall.COMMUNITY also goes to the main home page. Cities are communities and especially in this pandemic cycle we live in, people want to stay connected to their communities.

Each Hometown Hall city has its own custom content for its Members to engage with on a daily basis.

Each city has a News Feed that is updated in real time.

Hometown Hall is free to join in any city and offers special benefits for each Member pertaining to the city they reside.

AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com and PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com residents and Members will have the first opportunity to join Hometown Hall for their respective cities.

Troy Warren, Editor in Chief of Hometown Hall said, “Most people are at home a bigger percentage of the time because of the pandemic and Hometown Hall provides a great way to stay connected to your community and city.”

The official hashtag for Hometown Hall is #hometownhall


For more information about City News And Talk, contact the company here:

City News And Talk
Troy Warren
(800) 845-TROY (8769)
Chandler, AZ 85249