Hometown Hall Introducing Credit Program for Business Owners and Consumers

Hometown Hall #hometownhall (HTH) – HometownHall.Com announced today it is launching its credit program through the City News And Talk network for both Business owners and Consumers alike.

HometownHall.Com - City News And Talk Credit Card

Because of the pandemic business owners are hard pressed to keep as many customers coming in the door because their advertising budgets have been extremely limited. Hometown Hall is changing that now with generous credit lines for business owners with very lenient credit qualifications.

The same goes for consumers that need to do extra shopping online. Hometown Hall provides credit lines even for the credit challenged that affords the consumer to purchase much needed items and pay over time.

The City News And Talk credit card program is managed by Digital Bank which provides an online portal to manage the Member credit accounts including checking payment activity, plus making payments.

The City News And Talk credit card program launches March 15, 2021. Business owners and Consumers can register early in PRE-LAUNCH starting March 10, 2021.

For more information and to get updates go to: https://hometownhall.com/category/24

Troy Warren, Editor in Chief of Hometown Hall mentioned, “The pandemic has caused tremendous pressure for both business owners and consumers. The new City News And Talk credit card with generous credit lines and easy qualifications will enable purchasing power that otherwise would not have been available. For the business owner this means more business faster, and for the consumer purchasing items that are in need today instead of a month or two from now.”

HometownHall.Com - City News And Talk Credit Card

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