Home Window Tinting in Huntington Beach Specialists Announce the Launch of Their New Website

Campbell Window Film, a reputable window tinting application company in Huntington Beach, CA, has just announced the launch of its new website. Redesigning their website is something that they have been doing every few years to take advantage of the latest technologies that are available and to provide up-to-date and accurate information on the services that they offer. The latest version of their website can be seen here at https://campbellwindowfilm.com.

The owner of Campbell Window Film, Brad Campbell, says, “When I started this company back in 1988 the first thing I said to my employees is that we are going to set ourselves apart from other companies by offering our customers the absolute best customer service. Some 23 years later this is something that we are still being recognized for. It’s also the reason we do such things as periodically redesign our website. We like to add new features to our website whenever we can to make it as user-friendly and appealing as possible. All of us at Campbell Window Film are very pleased about the way our newly redesigned website turned out and we know that our customers will like it too.”

Campbell went on to talk about some of the highlights of their newly launched website. He stated that one of the first things that their customers will notice is that their new website design is very pleasing to the eye. It’s laid out on a blue-framed white background and has just enough pictures and text to be informational but not cluttered. The drop-down menu has also been simplified and convenient ways to contact them have been added to almost every webpage. He added that so far, the feedback that they have gotten from their customers that have used the new website has been very positive.

The newly launched website also goes into concise detail on all of the different services that Campbell Window Film offers. One service that is talked about extensively in the new website is the company’s popular window tinting applications. The company owner says that many people in the Huntington Beach area do not even realize all of the benefits that having tinted house windows offers.

“With home energy costs being mostly unpredictable these days, people in Southern California are always looking for ways to reduce their home energy consumption and, in turn, lower their home cooling costs too,” says Campbell. “The problem is many of these alternatives, such as installing solar energy collection systems, are expensive. But we offer a solution that is both impactful and affordable and that’s coating home windows with a beneficial layer of tint.” He went on to add that in addition to energy savings, tinted windows also help keep fabrics and other materials from fading and prevent ‘hotspots’ from occurring in a home or business because of UV ray light not being filtered out as it comes through normal windows. There is even a ‘visualizer’ on their redesigned website’s window tinting page which simulates how dark the different 3M shades of window tinting the company offers are.

Those that have used the home window tinting services that Campbell Window Film provides have been very pleased with the results. Gerald M. stated, “The whole thing [went] very well. Professional, competent reception room information and brochure. Prompt estimate. Great follow-up on scheduling. Installers were prompt, efficient, professional, and personable, worked cleanly and quickly. The job looks good.”

Campbell also went on to describe one of the newer services that they now offer. This is the installation of security screens on windows and doors. These are cut-proof screens that help add extra security to a home or a home or business, especially when someone has their regular doors or windows open because they are trying to let in some fresh air. This service also has a dedicated page on the new website which can be seen here at https://campbellwindowfilm.com/services/securityscreens-doors-windows/. Campbell Window Film also offers decorative window film application, skylight tinting, and building wraps to go along with doing energy consultations and installing custom-built sneeze guards. For more information on the different types of window film and other services this company offers, those that are interested can call them, send them an email, fill out the information form that’s found in many areas on their newly launched website.


For more information about Campbell Window Film, contact the company here:

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