Home Service Direct Helps Tree Removal Company Triple Its Leads in a Month

Huntington Beach, California – A month after adding Jimmy’s Tree Service to its list of clients, Home Service Direct has helped the tree removal company multiply its leads by three. According to Jimmy Carter, the CEO of Jimmy’s Tree Service, his company received 90 tree removal leads in October, compared to only 30 leads in September.

“Jimmy’s Tree Service should have contacted Home Service Direct earlier,” said Jimmy Carter. “However, the booking department thought that the company was doing fine. The month of September, however, did not produce the results that the tree removal team had expected – only 30 calls came from homeowners who needed help with tree removal. At the beginning of October, the team in the booking office had already decided that they needed help to increase the number of times their phone rung in a month.”

Home Service Direct

Jimmy Carter reportedly contacted Home Service Direct on the first day of October to see if the marketing agency could increase his tree service leads. Jimmy Carter noted that Home Service Direct made him an offer he could not resist.

To see how Home Service Direct multiplies tree service leads, visit its official website here: https://www.homeservicedirect.net/tree-service-leads/.

“Two days after signing the marketing contract with Home Service Direct,” said Jimmy Carter, “Jimmy’s Tree Service received 12 tree removal leads in a row. This is something that the tree removal team did not expect. When the tree removal team finished working with the 12 initial leads on 7th October, 25 more tree service leads came through. By the end of October, Jimmy’s Tree Service had received a total of 90 tree leads, something that hadn’t happened in several years.”

To understand how Home Service Direct managed to help Jimmy’s Tree Service triple its leads, reporters contacted the head of the marketing agency. The head of the agency was very forthcoming with the details about the marketing strategies his agency leveraged to boost leads for Jimmy’s Tree Service.

“What Jimmy’s Tree Service did not understand is that more than 95% of property owners in California have internet access,” said the head of Home Service Direct. “A large number of people, therefore, search the internet whenever they need help with their trees. By leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO), Home Service Direct managed to put Jimmy’s Tree Service in front of people planning tree removal procedures.”

When reporters investigated Jimmy’s Tree Service's previous marketing strategy, they realized that the company did not have a website. The company relied solely on several billboards and banners placed in the streets of Huntington Beach. While the street ads did cost a lot of money, the return on investment was very low.

“Most homeowners are usually at home when they realize that a tree needs to be removed,” said the head of Home Service Direct. “This means that Street Advertising – which is also known as ‘out of home’ (OOH) advertising – does not target potential customers at the moment they need the services offered by Jimmy Carter’s company. By the time the property owner realizes that he needs tree removal, he will have forgotten about the billboard he saw on the streets earlier in the day.”

“Search Engine Optimization,” added the head of Home Service Direct, “targets the homeowner at the very moment he/she needs service. When the homeowner types ‘tree removal Huntington Beach’ on Google and the website Home Service Direct created for Jimmy’s Tree Service appears, his/her chances of calling the company are very high – most of the people searching for specific services online end up calling the companies that appear in the search results.”

The head of Home Service Direct noted that 90 tree service leads are just the start. He noted that Home Service Direct will help Jimmy’s Tree Service generate more tree removal leads in the current month.

Home Service Direct base of operation is located at 20122 Bayfront Ln #201, Huntington Beach, CA 92646. The marketing agency, however, can be contacted via +1 714-243-8790 and sales@homeservicedirect.net.


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