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Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta-based Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is delighted to announce that they have published a new video that explains the details behind their SmartHome security program. The company is committed to serving their customers to the best of their ability at all times, and this is only one of many steps they have taken to ensure their community has access to all the most pertinent information as well as all the best products on the market. Find the video and learn more about the service at the following link: Home Security for Fort Saskatchewan 780-998-9551.

The video in question was posted to the company’s Youtube channel, and it lists out the details for a limited offer that the company is currently providing. Interested customers who take the opportunity to act on this offer will get a bonus camera worth up to $280 for free when they sign up for a video plan today. They will also be able to check on deliveries and even unlock your front door for the courier all from the convenient access the service offers through their phone (with free installation). According to Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, customers may sign up as early as today, with plans starting from $18/mo and $33/mo.

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Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated comments that, “With this Telus Home Security service, you will be able to see and speak with whoever is at your front door, and you won’t even have to be at home to do it! Your phone and internet access is all you need to have a frank two-way conversation. Through the app, you can lock and unlock your door from any remote location at will, even going so far as to set up a special code that allows the door to be unlocked exclusively at the times you specify. This means your home will be able to welcome only who you want — and your door will only admit the visitors, deliveries and appointments of your choosing.”

Security threats come in many varieties, however, and the home security plan from Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is designed to account for as many varieties of threats as possible. For instance, even when residents are at home, it can take some time for them to notice smoke in the premises and remedy the source or find a way to evacuate if it is already too late for them to fix the issue alone. With Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s service, however, they will no longer have to worry. The service includes a Smart Smoke Sensor that notifies the homeowner as soon as smoke is detected. In practice, this means that an alert will be sent to their smartphone as well, ensuring that they will be able to place a prompt call to emergency services or call home to check on their loved ones.

Similarly, the service comes with a flood sensor that can notify the homeowner as soon as excessive levels of moisture or water are detected. Given how destructive water can be to a home, it is incredibly vital that action be taken as early as possible to minimize damage or other long-term drawbacks, such as mold growth and structural weakening. Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s customers will be able to act fast and save their belongings once they sign up for this service.

According to the company, customers can also expect to have access to other SmartHome amenities that have come to be known as standard features in the industry. For instance, their plan can come with a Smart Thermostat that allows them to remotely control their home’s ambient environment, changing room temperature according to their preferences or allowing the thermostat to adjust itself in response to local temperatures.


With smart locks, thermostats, flood sensors, lights and more, the company hopes that their customers will feel both safer and more comfortable with the state of their home security. Additional information regarding the advantages their plan offers can be found on their website as well, and customers are welcome to reach out to Dan LHeureux of Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated to follow up on any further inquiries with one of the company’s representatives.


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