Holland Michigan Wildlife Control Specialists Alert Homeowners of an Increase in Attic Animal Activity

Holland Michigan based Best Way Animal Removal is a company that works hard to provide those in the Michigan area it serves with full service wildlife control services. This includes alerting those customers in Holland, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon to any recent trends they have noticed with nuisance animal behavior. Such was the case when the company reported that there has been an uptick in animal damage in Western Michigan as cooler temperatures set in. There has not only a much higher than average amount of nuisance animal damage with winter approaching but what was even more unusual is that the higher than normal rate of animals in the attic and the noise of them walking overhead being reported.

Jack Waterway, owner of Best Way Animal Removal said, “Most Western Michigan residents don't realize that the winter months don't stop animal problems. Winter is when mating typically occurs along with nuisance wildlife looking to escape the elements, hence animals in the attic being a very common problem.”

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He then went on to describe how animals do much more damage than just leaving piles of droppings or tearing open vents & soffits. Wild animal damage to homes can be so severe that at times homeowners insurance needs to be contacted to file a claim.

Some of these damages include not only smashing attic insulation, but also tearing up attic attic ventilation, destroying structural wooden beams, drywall damages and when the ceiling is breached, complete home destruction. Animals in the attic that typically cause damage are raccoons, squirrels, flying squirrels and bats.

According to Jack Waterway, “Bats in the attic can only be removed during specific times of the year, especially in Michigan so they can be the most difficult for homeowners to have to deal with.” Bats in the attic present the dangers of histoplasmosis form their guano and also rabies from bites and scratches.

The company owner pointed out that mole tunneling is also another form of severe animal damage that can happen. Mole tunneling can rapidly change a yard or lawn in the matter of a day or two. Moles can tunnel through up to 18 feet of soil in an hour, each day they can add up to 150 feet of new tunnels in a lawn. He also talked about why it’s important to remove moles sooner than later because they tend to reproduce very rapidly. Jack added, “A single mole can do a large amount of damage, and every female we catch right now is having her second litter later this year.” Moles will typically produce 3 to 4 offspring during each breeding cycle. Jack says that he is always happy to talk to someone about their mole problems.

Squirrels in the attic have even been known to cause damage and distruction in their own right as well. Squirrels being rodents always gnaw, this is because their teeth never stop growing. Rodent knawing on wires in homes is a major cause of fires. So many that it is estimated that up to 30,000 home and business fires annually are caused by rodent gnawing.

Customers that have called Best Way Animal Control for help with wildlife control services have been very satisfied with the results.

Natalie Pifer states, “Quick, effective, professional. They know what they're doing and will explain so you understand. Very easy to work with.” Jim Steen proclaimed, “We've had a great experience with Best Way Animal Removal. Both moles and mice are gone and for a much better price than our previous exterminator.”

Tessa Mares wrote, “Best Way Animal Removal is an amazing company and always exceeds our expectations! We’ve had wildlife problems and they were quickly taken care of! The best part is the staff comes regularly to check the progress of the traps set! They are also extremely knowledgeable and advise on the future prevention of pests and nuisance animals! We are so grateful for them!!”

These are just 3 of 45 reviews that can be found on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing where they average a perfect 5 out of a possible 5-stars.

The company offers a wide variety of other nuisance animal control services too. Jack stated that they are very good when it comes to humanely removing squirrels in the attic, woodchucks under decks, raccoons in attics, muskrats and beaver in ponds, snake in homes and other Michigan species. They are also very proficient at solving rodent problems, removing bats in the attic, and taking steps to remove birds, and keeping them from re-entering a home with animal proofing and wildlife exclusion. He also stated that they offer animal damage repairs, know the best ways to sanitize and eliminate odors in areas of a home that animals have infested, clean up bat droppings, remove raccoon feces and they respond very quickly when someone needs a dead animal removed. Those in the Holland, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon areas of Western Michigan that Best Way Animal Control serves can get more information on their services by calling them, sending them an email, or by visiting their Best Way Animal Removal YouTube Channel.


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