HODL Token Making Strides In The Crypto Space

HODL Token is a community-driven Defi project built on Binance Smart Chain. HODL brings the most revolutionary mechanism to the BSC ecosystem: Earn $BNB just by holding HODL tokens. Their mission is to provide the best long-term passive income investment in the cryptocurrency industry through an ever-growing ecosystem of revenue streams paid out to the holders of HODL Token.

HODL Token wants to help bring and keep cryptocurrency mainstream as a standard financial instrument accessible to everyone in the world. They believe that the HODL Token community should give back to the world in the form of regular donations to causes aimed at helping develop financial security for people and regions in need.

HODL Token New Investor Pack

Since the HODL Token presale ended in May and launched on Pancakeswap in June $HODL has seen some amazing growth. Over the last few weeks the HODL CoinMarketCap listing has been trending, they have released the HODL wheel (including the free spin), and HODL has optimized the SEO of their website www.hodltoken.net. The HODL Token team has achieved a lot of different milestones that they can be very proud of. The HODL Token marketing team has also started multiple social media marketing campaigns, reaching more than a million people in less than a week. Those are some impressive numbers. The HODL around the world competition has been a great success with over 500 people participating and using the hashtag #HODLworld. New similar competitions will be held throughout the next few weeks to keep their investors excited. HODL Token is closing in on the 100.000 addresses holding HODL and will continue their hard work for the community.

What Tokenomics is

Tokenomics is the science of the token economy. It covers all aspects involving a coin’s creation, management, and sometimes removal from a network. HODL’s tokenomics take a percentage of every transaction and re-distributes that to all HODL holders in $BNB. This amount of BNB is called the BNB pool. Simply holding $HODL will earn you a share of the BNB rewards pool, proportional to the amount of $HODL you hold. Reflection, which is also a small percentage of all transactions, will go back to all holders of HODL. For distribution, a small percentage of every transaction goes into the liquidity pool, the marketing pool, and a small percentage gets burned as well which will decrease the supply over time. To learn more about the tokenomics of HODL, view the complete investors pack here: https://bit.ly/3hjUs1a

In order to support small investors, HODL has introduced the small investor reward pool, for smaller investors that are holding between 1m – 2bn tokens. HODL will automatically refund the gas fees on reward claims. Those who qualify as smaller investors can claim their compounded rewards every day.

HODL team

The HODL Token management team currently consists of more than just the developer. There is a marketing team, a social media team, a graphics team, a Global Outreach team, and a Business Development team. Some of the holders own marketing companies and they are getting their whole company to support the long-term vision of HODL.


HODL Token has achieved many milestones but there is still so much to accomplish. Over the next few months, HODL Token is focusing on new partnerships, listing on new exchanges, gamification, and launching an NFT marketplace. HODL launched the HODL wheel 5 months ahead of schedule and will launch multiple games to utilize and earn more Tokens/BNB. Earn by competing with others, betting, or predicting crypto prices. Shortly after the developer will deliver an NFT marketplace with the Arts-come-later model.

HODL has set out to focus on keeping it simple and working towards growing daily rewards over time as the massive team is committed to this project for years to come. As HODL’s tagline claims, Accumulating Wealth Was Never This Simple.


For more information about HODL, contact the company here:

Merijn Messemaeckers
1460 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103