Hillsboro Plumbing Service's New Blog Talks About Tankless Water Heaters and Why They’re Useful

DR Plumbing Hillsboro has just announced that they have added a new blog to their website. This blog discusses the features of tankless water heaters and why they’re useful. This Hillsboro plumbing company likes to post blogs to their website in an effort to better inform their customers about new products that have become available and to better explain the different services that they offer. Posting blogs such as this latest one is all part of this reputable plumbing service’s plan to remain a customer-centric business.

The blog started by stating that many people realize that tankless water heaters are available but few ever take the next step and purchase one. Some of this is due to their higher upfront cost. What many people do not realize is the long-term savings on energy costs that instantaneous water heaters provide. The new article added that this energy bill savings over time actually makes tankless water heaters a good investment. It was also mentioned that tankless water heaters are also extremely durable. When the energy savings and long life of tankless water heaters are compared to the cost of installing and running a conventional water heater, a customer will end up paying less in the long run for the tankless water heater. This is why the company wrote in the blog post it believes that tankless water heaters represent the future of household water heating.

In the newly posted article, also discussed was how tankless water heaters offer an unlimited amount of hot water. That means no more worrying about everyone having enough hot water when several people take a shower one right after the other. This is not the case with more traditional water heaters that usually only heat water fast enough so only 1 or 2 people can shower in a short amount of time. This makes tankless water heaters a ‘no-brainer’ choice for households with a large number of family members. The blog also mentioned that one of the reasons that tankless water heaters cost less to run is because they heat water instantly. This means they do not have to constantly keep the water heated that is in their internal storage tank like conventional water heaters do. As their name implies, they do not even have water storage tanks built into them because they generate enough heat to warm the water quickly as it passes through them. The newly posted article stated that this is why tankless water heaters are so much more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters with a storage tank. Also brought up in the newly posted blog was that tankless water heaters typically last 2-3 times longer than traditional water heaters with storage tanks.

The company spokesperson, Alex Paddock, says, “Tankless water heaters are a plumbing product that we really like and our customers that have installed them say they are very happy that they did. That’s why we wanted to take the time to post a blog that better informs how they work and why they are a good investment. We will continue to post blogs that will let our customers know that there are some great new plumbing products out there that they may be interested in.” Paddock also talked about some of the other services that DR Plumbing Hillsboro offers. This includes using regular and advanced leak detection methods to pinpoint leaks in household plumbing and then resolve those leak issues. There is no type of household plumbing that they can’t repair. He says that they also do complete drain cleaning services, faucet repair, garbage disposal installation & repair, traditional water heater installation & repair, and a full line of house re-plumbing services. They even do water system analysis, sump pump installations, and water main maintenance.

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