Highly Experienced Long Island Criminal Lawyer, Jason Bassett, Explains what Can be Done About a DWI in New York

Northport, NY - The consequences associated with a DWI can oftentimes be considered severe. In these types of cases, many people may be unaware that they may be able to contest their offense for a reduced or potentially even a dropped charge. DWI is considered to be a serious offense with strict laws that support it. However, every case is unique, and working with a DWI lawyer can help you determine if there may be a defense that could change the outcome of the charge.

Jason Bassett, Esq. has been a practicing lawyer for over 21 years. With his Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School, he used his knowledge and experience to build a practice that focuses on being an advocate for his clients, who are victims of criminal charges, at the state and federal level. Through his years of protecting the rights of others, he is known for bringing a keen sense of skill and experience to every case. As a DWI lawyer, Jason has dedicated his career to helping others to not have to face the legal system on their own.

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“Charges from a DWI are a serious matter and every situation is different. Unfortunately, the laws and policies that are used to reprimand people were designed to be one-size-fits-all. Anyone who is arrested for a DWI should seek immediate assistance from an experienced attorney that can help them navigate through the legal process.”

Bassett explains that although it may seem like there are no options against a DWI offense that there actually may be. He discusses whether or not a first offense could be beneficial to a defense case as well as some other possible factors that could work in the favor of the accused. He also explains how working with an attorney who is experienced with DWI cases is beneficial.

“One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to DWI charges is that the driver has no other choice but to plead guilty to all charges and get the maximum sentence for the crime. Really it comes to understanding how the system works and then objectively analyzing the situation. It’s from that point that it can be determined what the best possible course of legal action will be for that specific situation. Not every case deserves a criminal record but that means that it is important to understand the worst-case scenario and to fight for the best-case scenario so that the effects of the offense last no longer than necessary.”

Bassett states that there can be both short-term and long-term consequences to Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence that can stick with someone for a lifetime. Working with a qualified and experienced attorney could make a substantial difference to the potential penalties of a DWI case. For those who may have or have someone they knowwho has recently been charged with a DWI and are interested in learning more about how working with a DWI lawyer, Jason Bassett, Esq. may help, visit their website at https://jbassettlaw.com/is-it-worth-fighting-a-dwi-in-new-york/.



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