Highlighting Cardboard Boxes as the Hero Among Naperville Packing Materials Last Year

Naperville, IL- Shipments of corrugated boxes were up 9% in March 2020 compared to March 2019, driven by a surplus of requested household paper products, cleaning items, and food. As a result, cardboard boxes quickly became known as the unsung hero of the American supply chain. The rapid shift to e-commerce has continued to keep the packing materials industry on its toes, pushing industry leaders to work with brands to adjust box sizes, enhance the in-home experience with high-quality graphics, and communicate brand values outside of the store. 

More than a year later, merchandise is now shipped in smaller packages and to more destinations than ever before, thanks to the cardboard box and the creativity of industry leaders. 

Creating alternative packaging with cardboard boxes has also facilitated new ways to ship items. Rather than shipping a pallet of merchandise to a store location, retailers are now able to ship individual units to numerous destinations. As a result, packages now arrive directly at consumers' homes rather than being unpacked and beautifully displayed in stores. At this point, the brand's perception will be shaped by the consumer's experience, which has pushed the industry's creativity with cardboard box design.  

The opportunity to directly connect with consumers has become more attractive as brands have gained a closer relationship with consumers. The merchandise must arrive in immaculate condition sufficiently protected throughout the shipping and delivery process. The merchandise must look good in a container that has survived its journey to their homes. Hence the importance of the cardboard box and the variety of packing options it provides retailers. 

The Boxes Etc. has always known the power of the cardboard box and is thrilled to see the packing material be utilized to its full potential. The Naperville pack and ship store encourages customers to utilize durable material whenever possible. With over 30 years of experience, The Boxes Etc. are the pack and ship professionals you can count on. For more information about services, give them a call at 630-717-1351 or visit them online any time at www.theboxesetc.com/. 


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