Highland International Shipping Store Shares Industry Updates to DHL Packaging

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Highland, Ill. – In an effort to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the mailing and shipping industry, worldwide shipping giant, DHL, is looking to reimagine their packaging over the next several years. With emerging new advancements in green technology, companies are looking for ways to streamline the shipping process while reducing the amount of waste being generated. DHL is one of what is projected to be many working to recognize areas of improvement and adopt new packaging optimization techniques to stay on top of customer demands. A Highland international shipping store, The Mail Box Store, is working to ensure that the residents and businesses of their community are informed of any updates within their industry.

As the number of parcels being shipped increases each year, shipping companies are looking at ways to improve packaging. On average, DHL ships an estimate of two million packages worldwide each day. In a recent Trend Report that offers a comprehensive look at the future of packaging, DHL discusses how the optimization of packaging could significantly boost the company's productivity, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. With so many packages being shipped, there is becoming a greater demand for sustainable packaging. Finding a balance between durability, the use of green materials, and aesthetically pleasing packaging, all while maintaining a reasonable spend is key to the future of packaging. Additionally, incorporating smart packaging technology such as smart labels or tags can help improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate updates on package condition and location.

Since 2007, the team at The Mail Box Store has been serving Highland, Bethalto and the surrounding areas, offering a wide range of services from shipping and packaging to professional printing and business services. As a full-service shipping store in Highland, they are an authorized shipping outlet for FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the United States Postal Service. Their team of shipping experts all work to provide the highest quality of customer care under the company’s mission statement “To provide all customers with the Best Retail, Shipping & Printing Experience possible through Quality Choices, Reliable Options and Unparalleled Customer Service. As our company grows and expands our vision has remained steady. To generate a financially successful company that will give customers a one stop Shipping, Packaging and Printing Experience, as well as develop our Store Concept Nation Wide.

For more information about The Mail Box Store or to stay up to date on changes in the retail shipping industry, visit their website at www.themailboxstore.net or call their Highland, IL office at (618) 651-4700.


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