High Asset Divorce Lawyer Explains How To Choose The Right Lawyer For A High Asset Divorce

Top-rated NYC divorce attorney Juan Luciano recently shared his thoughts about high asset divorce in New York in a recent blog post. He emphasized the importance of high asset divorce lawyers in helping clients to preserve hard-earned wealth, or secure their financial futures as they separate from their wealthy spouses. Mr. Luciano took some time to offer some additional comments on the controversial subject.

After being admitted to the Bar in 2005, Mr. Luciano represented clients in family court matters while working for family law practices in New York City, before opening his own offices as a solo practitioner in 2013. His law firm, Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, has served many high net-worth clients, and he has built a solid reputation as a high asset divorce lawyer.

high asset divorce lawyer

“Choosing the right lawyer is probably the most important decision you’ll make in a high asset divorce,” Mr. Luciano was quick to point out. He also suggested some factors that those that are considering divorce should consider if they are in a high asset marriage. “You need someone with experience in cases that are similar to your situation. You also should hire someone who listens to you and takes the time to explain the various options available to you that will deliver the outcome you’re looking for. And finally, hire a lawyer who isn’t afraid to tell you no. It might not be what you wanna hear, but sometimes a lawyer telling you no is the best answer you can get and could save you thousands or even millions of dollars.”

The blog post also highlighted the fact that New York has become an equitable distribution state, which means in divorce proceedings, assets are not just divided 50/50, but rather, by what the court deems to be fair. It is a point echoed by many divorce attorneys, who believe this development has made the importance of hiring a skilled and experienced high-asset divorce lawyer even more significant.

“A divorce is an emotional, sometimes chaotic experience where you’re trying to outmaneuver someone you were once committed to building a life with; you’re going to have moments of emotion, and that’s another reason where having the right lawyer is so important, you can’t be making decisions or go to trial with a strategy based on emotion,” Mr. Luciano opined. Since becoming an attorney, Mr. Luciano claims he has strived to resolve divorce and family law matters quickly and as amicably as possible by using practical legal strategies and solutions, while ensuring communication between both parties, is at all times, open and respectful.

Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer is a well-respected law firm in New York City that specializes in high asset divorces. Its founder and sole attorney, Mr. Juan Luciano, is committed to delivering excellent service in family law and domestic relations, keeping his clients' best interests and those of their families, at heart. If anyone is interested to read the entire blog post, it can be found here https://divorcelawfirmnyc.com/how-does-high-asset-divorce-work-in-new-york/.



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