Hi Quality Turf: Four Decades of Service

Sydney, NSW (September 2021) - Celebrating their four decades in the industry of Turf, Hi Quality Turf are committed to making their customer's lawn look its best, no matter what the occasion may be. With a family-owned and operated company, they have the experience that has been around since 1974, and they are one of Australia's most reliable suppliers for quality turf needs.

The company has been servicing Australia for over 40 years and is a leader in designing, supplying, and installing quality turf. Their team of turf experts use their experience to help customers choose from any of their products, including new synthetic grass, artificial putting greens and patches, fertilising and pest control, and installation. They use all the latest technology to ensure their products are high quality and meet their customer's needs. The company offers free consultations, quotes and advice on turf solutions suitable for any area.

Hi Quality Turf’s website has a range of pamphlets, brochures, and general info sheets about all their services. They also have helpful information for those who are considering an artificial lawn and complete installation instructions.

The Management is dedicated to ensuring that their customer has their access to high-quality turf year-round. Hi Quality Turf operates its turf farm at Pitt Town Bottoms, situated just west of Sydney, where it all starts. Rich organic soils, together with the latest techniques, means their supply will be fresh every time they send them off for their customer's lawns needs- no matter what they may be in hot summer or cool winter season.

Hi Quality Turf's farm is growing a complete range of turf varieties to compare. Customers can come and see for themselves; on-farm inspections before purchase are welcome at any time. They have the latest lawns, including Soft Leafed Buffalo grasses, Superfine Couches, and Zoysia varieties that grow beautifully in backyards or commercial landscape needs. Customers can ask them about what they offer on their website or visit their physical store in the Pitt Town Bottoms.


For more information about Hi-Quality Turf , contact the company here:

Hi-Quality Turf
Susan Deguara
02 4572 3666 / 1800 887 258
217 Pitt Town Bottoms Road,
Pitt Town Bottoms, NSW 2756