Helping Clients Generate More Water Damage Leads is a Specialty of Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing

Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing is an Internet marketing service that is well-known for helping restoration companies generate more sales leads. Among their specialties is helping their restoration clients get more leads for water damage restoration work that they can then convert into new business. The company does this through the use of several successful strategies they have developed that are designed to improve their restoration clientele’s Google Maps & website lead generation. These impactful local SEO services and strategies have helped many water damage restoration businesses get much closer to the level of business that they desire.

The company’s founder, Sean McMeen, says, “There is a common sense of frustration that many of our clients often express when they first come on board with us. It’s that despite how good they are at doing restoration work and how well they treat their customers, their businesses simply are not growing as fast as they had hoped. Part of the problem is the world is a different animal these days than it was 20 to 30-years ago and now a strong web presence and effective SEO strategy are just as important as doing excellent work and offering great customer service. Here at Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing, we have the lead generation knowhow that restoration services need to nicely compliment their hard work and take their business to a whole new level.”

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McMeen went on to discuss some of the strategies that they use to help their restoration clients generate a larger number of water damage leads. It all starts with their local SEO services. He says, “We will provide your company with the fuel that you need to help you race to the top of Google.” It was stated that the problem with most restoration websites that the company has seen is that they only contain 5 to 10 pages of content and some of that content is very limited. The company founder says they have found a ‘sweet spot’ in Google’s website ranking system that helps them improve their client’s search engine optimization. They will exploit this ‘sweet spot’ by assisting their clients with adding more pages of highly-engaging and content-rich material to their website which will ultimately help them rank higher.

According to McMeen, they can also help their clients by building them a professionally designed website from scratch. They have had much success taking water damage restoration company websites that were too passive and developing them in such a way that they became lead generating powerhouses. He says they can do this because they avoid building websites more traditionally and instead use proven conversion-focused website designs. Their website designs tend to rank high in every city that a restoration client offers their services in. The company owner mentioned that their website design services are not static either because they will continually optimize their client’s websites to help them perform better. He added that they also realize that a large majority of people looking for water damage and other restoration services search for them using mobile devices. That’s why they make sure the websites they design are optimized for both mobile and desktop applications.

The company owner says what they can do to help any water damage restoration business better market themselves does not stop with local SEO and a good website design either. They are also very good when it comes to initiating an effective pay-per-click ad campaign for those businesses that use their services. He stated they even have specialists on staff that are excellent when it comes to doing important reputation and social media management tasks.

Some of the other types of restoration companies that Vinnie Mac Restoration Marketing can help generate more leads include fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and other disaster restoration specialists. Those that would like more information on this reputable water damage lead service can call them, send them an email, or go to their website and schedule a strategy session. These sessions are 100% complimentary and during them, a company representative will review a restoration service’s website and provide them with feedback that will help them grow their business.


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