Heated Mattress Pad Now Available At Navien Mate

Irvine, California based Navien Mate, a manufacturer of water-heated mattress pads, is reaching out to share information about one of their most promising products. More information about the company and their heated mattress pads can be found at the following link: https://www.navienmate.com/collections/all.

Stacy Kang, a representative for Navien Mate, says, “Everybody likes sleeping in comfort. Part of that comfort comes from having the perfect temperature on your bed, and many have tried various methods to achieve that. Hot water bottles, electric blankets, they’re all viable, of course, but they have nothing on Navien Mate’s water heated mattress pads. Our products are carefully designed and engineered to provide you control over the temperature of your bed so that you can get your beauty sleep on your terms.”

Navien Mate heated mattress pad

Navien Mate currently offers 2 premium, high quality models: the EQM 350 and the EQM 580. The EQM 350 boasts features such as Dual Temperature Control, a Timer Mode, a Child Lock Mode, and a Sterilization Mode. The EQM 580 has all the same features and more. Added features in the EQM 580 are a Sleeping Mode, a Remote Controller, Voice Guidance, WiFi capacities, Fast Heating and Auto Drain.

The company says that both the EQM 350 and EQM 580 are safer than any electric products, as they use water heating technology, which can offer more even heat distribution without any risk of fires or overheating. The King and Queen size of the products also allow them to have separate heating zones, meaning that both occupants of the bed can each have their ideal sleep temperature.

Navien Mate is also proud to state that their mattress pads are the thinnest available on the market, offering maximum comfort without pokey wires or loud machines. Their products also have the added benefit of being eco-friendly, as they can save up to 50% compared to electric heating mattress pads by recirculating warm water. Customers who opt for the EQM 580 model will also be able to control their mattress pad via the dedicated remote or their phone, ensuring maximum comfort.

Kang says, “Our products marry the soothing power of water with the latest advances in technology to provide you with the best sleep you will ever have. Our heated mattress pads can soothe your body as you sleep, relieving stress, inflammation and soreness all over and getting you well-rested and refreshed for your next day.”

Navien Mate’s products have all earned them great praise from their customers. On the Amazon page for their EQM 350 Queen model (https://amzn.to/3cBKMhG), one customer writes, “I got this for my daughter who complained about getting cold during cold winter nights. I was very happy with the quality. I've already known this company is famous for instant heaters as they are one of the biggest in the field in Korea. It was very easy to set up and got warm very quickly. I like the option to set the timer. The only thing I wished it had was the timer to turn on at the same time every day.”

Meanwhile, another review reads, “Navien is one of the most well known brands in Korea, so I didn't have a doubt like other cheaply made electronic products. Since you are technically sleeping above ‘heated water,’ you are free from electromagnetic waves that can cause problems for some people. What makes it great is that I initially bought this so that I can get warmth when I sleep but when I found out that you can raise the heat to higher than what I consider a normal comfortable, I can kind of use it temporarily as a large heating pad for my back and legs. Just remember not to fall asleep with it that high because you will sweat like crazy.”


Learn more about Navien Mate, their history in the field and their range of products at their official website. Those interested may reach out to Stacy Kang via email or phone to follow up on any further inquiries. Additionally, social media users may follow Navien Mate on their preferred platforms in order to stay abreast of their latest activities, announcements and offers. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The company’s Facebook page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/NavienMateUSA.


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