Heat Treatments Now Available from Local Bed Bug Pros

When it comes to bed bugs a professional is typically required more often than not to get complete relief from these little pests. Bed Bug Busters services Noblesville, Indiana and now offers heat treatments in addition to chemical bed bug solutions.

The majority of traditional pesticides available to the public can help kill the bed bugs you see, but it’s not going to help you with those that are still hiding,” the business owner stated. “With a heat treatment, the entire space is able to be treated all at one time and helps to eradicate all the tiny bed bugs hiding in your mattress, furniture, flooring, etc. This is a win-win option when it comes to bed bug extermination.

Noblesville bed bug treatments

An upside to choosing heat treatment for a bed bug issue is that it kills all life stages of the bugs. This means from the egg to adult, no bed bug is safe. Additionally, with heat treatments it typically only requires one visit. Chemical treatments can require an additional treatment or two after the initial one.

The way it works is that the bed bugs are exposed to a high heat for a particular amount of time. We can better inform you of how long this will be needed for your individual property when you have scheduled services with us. The lethal temperature to kill these particular pests is 117-122 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s different for each client because no two bed bug problems are the same,” the owner added. “This can be more effective and also more cost-efficient, in some cases.”

The fact that bed bugs will hide and nest just about anywhere in a space makes it that much harder to eliminate them, especially on your own. When using heat, a clothes dryer can be used to kill bed bugs on blankets and other linens. A hot box can help to kill the bugs hiding in luggage, shoes, dry cleaning items, and clothing, among other things. Items are placed in this box and then the heat is activated for a specific amount of time.

Some of our customers have asked us about using steam to kill the bed bugs in their property. Well, steam can kill them, yes, however, it’s likely only going to be effective for those not hidden. This method doesn’t typically penetrate items to reach hidden bed bugs, so it can definitely help but it is not a method that will be completely effective on its own,” the owner said.

The owner also explained that the cost for treating bed bugs will vary based on different factors; the treatment method used and the level of infestation. Every company will offer a different cost as well so it’s okay to shop around before settling with a specific company.

To contact Bed Bug Busters in the Noblesville area, property owners can visit their website or give them a call to find out which treatment method may be best for their particular bed bug problem. Seeking professional treatments right away is the best decision, regardless of the company chosen and the method selected for treatment.


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