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Virginia Beach, VA based Proactive Healthcare Recruiters is pleased to report that they have been hard at work locating talented healthcare executives on behalf of various organizations in the industry. As many have noted, the ongoing health crisis that emerged in the past year placed a great deal of stress on healthcare systems around the world, and this has been no less true for the US. In response to this crisis, Proactive Healthcare Recruiters has expanded their efforts to connect healthcare providers with highly promising individuals who can lead them to succeed despite the unprecedented obstacles they face today.

According to Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, an executive of this nature may be identified based on any of a large number of factors, and their team regularly examines vast pools of candidates on behalf of their clients in order to ensure no one is overlooked. The agency is well known for their ability to source excellent candidates, aided by their ability to search through extensive networks, engage in industry-leading profiling techniques and utilize aggressive research processes to uncover suitable candidates. Learn more on the agency’s Inc profile and other online resources.

Healthcare executive recruiters, such as those who form the backbone of the Proactive Healthcare Recruiters team, take several factors into account when running a search. These factors may include what the position directly requires and what the client’s goals are for the future, but the agency also considers the candidate’s ability to conduct themselves to a high professional standard, any unique qualifications that may prove useful to the client, geographical preferences and more.

James Pemberton of Proactive Healthcare Recruiters explains, “Other firms may consider it enough to make a job listing on whatever platforms they have access to and expect good candidates to apply for the position. Here, however, we make it our mission to actively peruse the available pool of talent and find the perfect candidate. We know what it takes to succeed in the healthcare industry, so we look for individuals who can meet — or even exceed — those expectations.”

Notably, the company also utilizes certain passive techniques if they believe this will contribute to their efforts, such as posting more conventional jobs offers on open listings. Pemberton explains that this two-pronged approach increases the number of candidates that come to their attention (and so gives them a greater chance of discovering the right individual by the end of the process).

However, he adds that it is not enough for a candidate to make it through the firm’s initial round of aptitude assessments. Each organization is unique, and most if not all organizations tend to have an established culture that acts as the foundation for all their efforts. To ensure a new hire is personally compatible with the client’s organization, the agency then runs their most promising candidates through a personality test, eventually coming to highly committed and dedicated employees that align with the organization’s goals and objectives.

A 5-Star Google review from Mason Garcia illustrates how useful the agency’s expertise is to potential recruits as well. It states, “Proactive Healthcare Recruiters helped me land a position, as a Director of Nursing, that I love. I highly recommend them to any Nurse interested in making a career change.”

Jeff Gilden similarly says, “Proactive Healthcare Recruiters lives up to its name! Instead of throwing an ad up on a resume website like all other recruiters, they sought out the perfect candidate for our position. We hired Kathy for our new nurse, and she is more than we could ever ask for. Proactive definitely found the perfect person, and we can't thank them more!”

No matter the position required, the agency’s comprehensive understanding of the industry allows them to find employees on market-competitive salary packages as well. In addition to ensuring that a successful candidate will be adequately compensated, this also gives clients an edge over any competing offers a candidate may be considering.

More information regarding the agency’s search and evaluation process can be found on their website, and healthcare organizations are welcome to contact James Pemberton directly to discuss their requirements in further detail. Proactive Healthcare Recruiters has also committed themselves to stay in touch with their community. As such, social media users are welcome to connect with the company through their preferred platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and so on.

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