Health Care Company Shares Article About Risk Of Smoking In Public

Chemekx, based out of Woodrow, London, is reaching out to the wider public to share an article that discusses the risk of smoking in public. The article was published in partnership with London X City, a UK-based lifestyle and news website. The full article can be found at the following link:

While smoking in public does not significantly contribute to the already high levels of air pollution in London, it is undeniable that it still does release a lot of harmful compounds into the air that Londoners breath in every day. While this has become an unavoidable fact of life, it is not something that should be allowed to continue.

As the article says, “Since we have come out of lockdown, more of us have started to spend time outside. London all of a sudden has that European street cafe feel to it. We are sitting outside, drinking coffee or having a drink. Unfortunately, many of us have brought many of our bad habits with us. Before the crisis, we used to enjoy our coffee indoors. That meant we could not smoke. For some reason, we have automatically assumed it is okay to smoke now that we have to have our coffee sitting outside.”

As the article says, this lifestyle change has caused a noticeable shift in smoking habits, with more and more smokers taking to smoking in public. The article postulates that this behaviour must be curbed, because non-smokers should not have to give up their preferences and potentially ruin their coffee breaks with cigarette smoke.

It must also be noted that there is a risk in smoking in public that goes beyond just upsetting the flavor of a good cup of coffee. Cigarette smoke can have serious health consequences not just for the smoker, but also for the people around them. For instance, it can spell imminent disaster for someone who suffers from asthma. In a worst case scenario, someone could end up in hospital. Of course, in the long term, there are also more severe issues to be concerned with, such as cancer. As the article states, the high levels of pollution in London mean that more people than ever before are suffering from respiratory disease, and tobacco smoke only makes things worse.

The article also considers vaping. The article reads “we simply don’t know what is included in vaping mixes. Are they safe? Most manufacturers claim that their vaping mixers are perfectly safe. However, I would like to ask one question: Who sets the standards as far as vaping mixes are concerned? I am not really sure if there are any standards when it comes to vaping mixes. Most of my friends who vape don’t seem to care what is in their vaping mixes. The only thing they care about is that they seem to be able to vape almost anywhere.”

The author asserts that people need to learn more about vaping and find out if the practice has any serious side effects before any public vaping is allowed. More research is needed, however, and one must also consider that manufacturers of vaping gear and mixes are not likely to reveal any harmful effects to the public themselves. The article uses diesel fumes as an example, writing that, “It turns out scientists have known for years that diesel fumes are dangerous. Despite that, it took ages for them to tell the rest of us.”

Especially in the light of COVID-19 and the devastating ways in which it has attacked and affected the human respiratory system, it has become more important than ever to protect the air that humans breathe in and out every day. As the article points out, one cigarette may seem like a drop in the ocean, unable to do much harm, but when one thinks about the thousands of cigarettes being smoked every day across the whole of London, there are severe issues to contend with. The full article goes further into detail on the matter, and can be found on London X City’s website.

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