HauntRave.com Now Offering Haunted House Reviews Across USA

Chicago, Illinois based HauntRave.com is pleased to announce that they are providing a one stop shop for haunted house reviews for attractions across the United States. HauntRave.com, brainchild of Internet Marketer and SEO expert Jack Lombardi, was created with one mission: to give ‘ghouls and gals’ a reliable source to find new haunted attractions.

Lombardi says, “The truth is that most haunted attractions never take off not because they are bad, but rather they lack marketing dollars. A lot of the haunted houses across the country are of very good quality and have some excellent scares, but without a large budget to dedicate to marketing, they are unable to reach out to the people who are looking for thrills.”

He continues, “With the Halloween season upon us, it is more important than ever that these attractions have a reliable way to promote themselves and find more customers to enjoy what they offer. HauntRave was established with the intent to make Halloween great, and we are doing our best to achieve that goal with every passing year!”

Users of HauntRave.com can sort through haunted houses by location. According to the website, the Top 10 places in the US for Halloween are Chattanooga, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Salem, San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis. Notably, the website also includes an advanced search engine that allows users to search for haunted houses or other halloween attractions near their own location as well.

There are many attractions featured on the HauntRave.com website that have in-depth and insightful reviews attached. In a review for Milburn’s Haunted Manor in Hubbard, Oregon, Derek Ray writes, “I didn't necessarily go to haunted houses every year, as an adult. They all were pretty much the same and not terribly scary. That all changed several years ago when I first enjoyed Milburn's Haunted Manor. What a haunted house! They have two separate haunts that get to you in distinct fashions, each unique and imaginative. I recommend doing both, Milburn's discounts the combined experience if you do. Adding in the concessions stand, which has surprisingly good food, I make Milburn's Haunted Manor a yearly event. So, do yourself a favor and make the autumn trip out to Hubbard for a unique experience!”

Similarly, in a review for Chambers of Hell, Russ R. writes, “This haunted house rocked! You walk through one huge haunt that has three separate themes. The actors are great, and they don't just wear silly masks but have on prosthetics. They are always in character, which is rare. The wait time inside is fun, with a few actors walking around scaring everyone. Alphonse Lobbyzombie is worth the price of the ticket alone. The sets in the haunted house are top notch, and this place is actually very scary. The staff is super cool too. Wait time outside was not that bad! Adding this one to the must come back list!!”

HauntRave.com also allows users to add attractions to its growing database of haunted attractions all over the country by themselves. Lombardi says, “If you have been to a local attraction that was amazing but does not have enough exposure, you can help them out yourself. Just get on our website, and you can add the attraction to our database — free of charge — and help it get the attention it deserves. We are always glad to play our part in making Halloween great, and you can do your part too!”

Once a user adds an attraction to the website, HauntRave.com creates and allocates a dedicated page to it. This page will contain important information about the attraction, including opening hours, website address, contact details, location and more. Most importantly, the page allows other users to leave a review for the attraction and a rating (on a scale of 1 to 5), making the process much easier for anyone else who wants to learn about the attraction and its quality.

Those who want to learn more about haunted houses across the United States or locate a well-reviewed haunted house near their location are invited to visit the HauntRave.com website. Interested parties can get in touch with HauntRave.com via the contact page on their website. Alternatively, the team can also be contacted via email or phone.


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