Harmony Pest Control Offering Complete, Thorough Inspections

When it comes to moving or buying a property, there are many tasks to be done on the buyer’s end. One of the first things that should be done, but is often not, is a thorough pest inspection of the property, according to the owner at Harmony Pest Control.

We find it very beneficial to have a complete inspection done on a property before moving in to it. It’s much easier to detect active pest issues and all the entry points when the property is empty. Therefore, a homeowner could save a lot of time and money by calling a professional to perform a pest inspection so they can tackle any issues before they move in and get settled,” the owner explained.

Some pests will be easier to detect in an empty home or structure because there aren’t many places they can hide. If there is any damage to the walls or exterior, that is allowing pests to enter, it can be easily spotted and correctly fixed right away.

The best way to ensure you never have a serious pest issue is by sealing up all the entry points that allows the rodents and bugs to get inside in the first place. The tiny holes on a window screen, the damaged vent on your exterior; both of these are inviting bugs to come on inside,” the owner said.

The owner explained that scheduling an inspection is more affordable than waiting until you have a serious infestation of any kind. “When you take preventive measures against pests, you significantly lower your risk of being infested by a pest. When you do nothing, it only takes a short amount of time for the majority of pests to breed and become a very serious problem. This requires more time to deal with the bugs, and it often requires multiple treatment applications because there are so many places they could be hiding.”

Harmony Pest Control provides an array of services aside from inspections. They treat for many of the local pests in Bakersfield, CA including ants, spiders, roaches, springtails, earwigs, ticks, and more. The owner suggested that property owners phone a professional right away when they suspect an issue of any kind to get ahead of any pest issue.

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