Hard Drive Recovery Service Company Explains What to Do When Faced with Data Loss

Hard Drive Recovery Group, a data recovery service company in Irvine, CA, has explained what people can do to deal with data loss in a new blog post. The article titled, “How to Deal with Data Loss,” offers some tips on what to do to recover valuable files and documents, whether to leave the task to the professionals or use a DIY data recovery and save some money in the process.

There are two primary reasons why essential files and documents may be lost. One reason is when the computer gets damaged, particularly when the hard drive gets affected. When the hard drive is accidentally placed near a magnet or it gets damaged when the laptop gets dropped, chances are that the data in the hard drive will be lost. The second reason is due to the user’s carelessness. Valuable files may inadvertently be deleted while trying to free up some space in the hard drive. And later on, the user empties the recycle bin without checking if there are any important files that have been accidentally deleted.

To perform a DIY data recovery, the computer user needs to have a data recovery software. This method may work if the files have been inadvertently deleted or if the files in the hard drive were suddenly corrupted. This method may succeed even for files that have been deleted “permanently.” The key is to find a good data recovery software. There are free data recovery software but these usually have limited features. Thus, it is essential to go for the paid version to have more features, such as those that have a number of recovery and flexibility options. Some features that may help is an option to preview corrupted files before retrieving them and the software should be easy to use.

The problem with DIY data recovery is the data recovery software may not always work. And for those who have some money to spend, it may be better to leave the data recovery task to professionals, such as the specialists at Hard Drive Recovery Group. With professionals handling the task, the computer user can have peace of mind in the knowledge that the data will be recovered safely. The company has more than 20 years of experience in performing hard drive data recovery for PC and Mac hard drives, both through software and clean room hands-on data retrieval.

Maureen Davies, a spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group, says, “Each day, we recover thousands of megabytes of files and data for individuals and companies across North America. We focus on finding you the most affordable, efficient hard drive recovery solution possible. We are also the only shop in the industry to offer 24 hour turnaround on RAID recovery jobs, as well as overnight expedited HDD recovery shipping.”

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers professional enterprise data recovery solutions, including RAID 5 data recovery, repair of Sun Solaris and MS Exchange servers and SQL and Oracle databases, and RAID 10 data recovery. They offer specialized RAID array recovery, which is their top priority. They only use safe RAID recovery methods and they have a high level of experience with HP ProLiant, Promise, Dell PowerEdge, and IBM ServeRAID controllers, including all other major brands of RAID systems.

They also offer desktop computer hard drive recovery either through hard disk repair service or recovery software. For those who experience file system errors that may only require Mac, Linux, or NTFS data recovery software, they have the appropriate product. For those who have suffered a physical hard drive failure, the company has professional hard drive recovery technicians who are experienced in recovering the data fast and effectively. And for those who use Apple computers or devices, they have the data recovery technicians who have the expertise in this particular field.

Those who require data recovery service can check out the Hard Drive Recovery Group website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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