Hard Drive Recovery Group Publishes New Blog Post On Document Protection

Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG), an Irvine, California based data recovery service, has just published a new blog post titled ‘Don’t Put Your Documents at Risk When Working Remotely.’ The blog post talks about how to keep one’s data safe and secure while working remotely. With a large number of people across the country having to work from home due to COVID-19, concerns surrounding the protection of data are quite prevalent. The pandemic has forced millions to work from home, and this can make it a bit more difficult to ensure that work documents remain safe.

“Other countries have imposed border lockdowns, curfews, and the US included, allow those who can, to work from home,” says the blog post. “As expected, employees will need to utilize company-provided devices in these uncertain times, as there is no timeline yet as to when the crisis will be completely defeated. But then, the ambiguity of the situation has been taken advantage of by cybercriminals who will exploit the paranoia of remote workers and expose data and hardware vulnerabilities in the systems they use.”

There are many ways to keep one’s data safe while working from home, and the blog post explores several. The first method of data protection the post mentions is the use of VPNs. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows one to connect to a computer safely even when using a network that is not very secure (like most home networks which are not built to withstand sophisticated cyber attacks). A VPN gives one an added layer of privacy by hiding their browser history and other important bits of information from those who may be looking to use said information for nefarious purposes. Through the use of a VPN, one can ensure the safety of company documents.

Another highly effective way to protect company data is to store documents in the cloud. “During this era of remote work, cloud-based services are a great option to use to store and transfer data,” the blog post says. “When documents are stored in a cloud, people with access to it can have copies to them, removing the taxing procedure of emailing documents to those who need to have them. Data loss due to malfunctioning or misplaced computers is reduced, if not avoided altogether.”

USB sticks and memory cards present a very serious problem when it comes to data security. When working from home, many people may find themselves needing to transfer files, and they often use USB sticks to do this. However, these devices can carry malware that can seriously affect the files that one may have stored on their laptop or PC, and Hard Drive Recovery Group’s blog post discourages the use of storage devices like USBs and memory cards.

Using strong passwords is another practice that the Hard Drive recovery service highly recommends. “Hackers are having a field day with so many people working from home as they use less secure networks that do not necessarily have industrial-strength firewalls and anti-hacking software,” says the blog post. “Thus, if you are working from home, your best defense against hackers would be to make sure they can’t infiltrate your accounts with you using super strong and hard-to-guess passwords. With your accounts and devices being unhackable, you can be sure unauthorized people can’t get their hands on your documents easily.”

Hard Drive Recovery Group offers data recovery service to clients all over the country, and many of them have left great reviews of their work. G. Adams, a Houston Texas resident, says, “Not only was I surprised at the knowledge of Jeff, my technician, but also at the price. I had read a lot of posts on the web about hard drive recovery costing in the multiple thousand dollar area, and I admit I was very skeptical when I was quoted a price. Jeff quickly diagnosed my problem over the phone and emailed me some drive recovery software to try. Within a half an hour, I had my missing files back. That's what I call service!”

For more information on Document Protection, get in touch with Hard Drive Recovery Group. The company is always ready to offer their assistance to customers who are dealing with the possibility of lost data.


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