Hard Drive Recovery Group Publishes Blog Post Suggesting Ideas For Smartphone Value Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery Group, a company offering professional secure hard drive recovery services for Mac and PC hard disk drives, has published a blog post that discusses ways in which those with aging smartphones can get rid of their old devices. The methods suggested in the blog post may net the smartphone user some extra cash or enable them to get their hands on an up-to-date device at a discounted price.

The blog post begins by empathizing with the readers who might have gone through a tumultuous time during the pandemic. The forced isolation brought on by the pandemic required most people to rely on their smartphones for maintaining a semblance of a normal life. Smartphones enabled the people stuck in their homes to maintain contact, however distant it may be, with their friends, family, and loved ones. The blog post suggests that those looking for a change in their life, even if it is a small one, could consider upgrading their smartphones. It makes sense to stay updated with the latest technology if it is going to be a huge part of one’s daily life. The advantages of a fast and responsive smartphone are felt through all common use cases such as finding answers for questions online, connecting effortlessly with work and family, and enjoying some casual entertainment on the go.

The blog post then goes on to explain that those who are thinking of upgrading may have some questions on what do to with their current device. It does not make sense to daily drive two devices as most modern smartphones are singlehandedly capable of taking care of all work-related and entertainment-related needs. If one does not have a friend or family member they could hand off their old device to, there are three options that the blog post suggests one can choose from.

First, the smartphone owner can look at a professional recycling company that offers to buy old, damaged, and even broken cellphones in exchange for cash. The pitch that these companies make is to give the user an option to dispose of their old device by recycling it in an environmentally friendly manner while also making some money to fund the purchase of their next device. However, this is a tricky proposition as some of the companies following the aforementioned business model have been known to commit fraud. One of the most popular cases of such a company was CashforiPhones which did not give its customers the money corresponding to the true value of their phones. These companies are also known to initially offer bloated amounts of cash to the consumer and then doing a bait and switch, finally giving the customer only a fraction of what they earlier promised. Some companies such as Next Worth and EcoATM (formerly Gazelle) have been around for a long enough time and have proven themselves to be legitimate businesses.

The next option for the smartphone user is to trade in their phone for a new one. Usually, companies such as Verizon or Amazon can give the customer a fixed amount of store credit that can be used to purchase anything from their store or even get a new phone at a slightly discounted price. This is a great option for customers who are looking forward to the yearly upgrades to their smartphones and want to sport the latest and greatest technology in their pocket without having to break the bank every couple of years.

Finally, the blog post recommends outright selling their older device on online marketplaces such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. This gives the smartphone owner the maximum return on their initial investment as they are able to command the price of the gadget based on current market trends. If the phone is in exceptionally good condition, the return will be even greater. The only precautions that the seller needs to take is to be as descriptive and honest as possible in their listing to attract the right kind of buyers.

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