Hard Drive Recovery Group Explains How to Improve Online Videoconferencing

Hard Drive Recovery Group, a data recovery service company in Irvine, CA, has recently published an article titled, “Take Your Online Conferencing to the Next Level” on its website. This blog post offers a number of suggestions on how to improve online videoconferencing as employees continue to work at home even after the pandemic. The article points out that those who work at home need not think or feel that they are alone because they can always consult with their IT department on how to fix persistent online conference issues.

One of the ways to improve the videoconferencing experience is to have a good moderator for the meeting. A moderator will say hello to everyone as they log in, which also provides the opportunity to check on the video and microphone of each participant. The moderator will then inform those whose video feed and sound have issues so that they are made aware and do what is necessary to correct the issues.

It may also be a good idea to establish certain guidelines for the virtual meeting. It is important for the virtual meeting attendees to be aware of the limitations of online conferencing. For instance, it is much more difficult to check on body language and other visual cues when communicating in a virtual meeting. To ensure an orderly online meeting, a moderator should be identified and those who are not talking should mute their mic. It is also a good rule not to speak when another person is talking and this is where the moderator can be useful. For instance, it can be agreed upon that those who want to speak should raise their hand and it would be the moderator’s goal to ensure that each one is given a chance to talk.

Another way to enhance the virtual meeting experience is to have a backup plan when problems arise, such as people getting logged out unexpectedly, or drive failure. This will allow the managers to shift to the backup conferencing plan if technical problems impede videoconferencing. Meanwhile, managers and leaders will also need to take into account potential problems, such as “Zoom fatigue” and reduced productivity. Managers may tend to call for too many virtual meetings because of the ease of setting them up.

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