Hard Drive Recovery Group Discusses The Benefits Of Google Drive

Hard Drive Recovery Group, based in Irvine, California, recently published a new blog post on their website: Knowing Google Drive Inside Out. The company is keen to encourage the community to learn more about the benefits of saving their files online, particularly with the challenges everyone has had to face due to the pandemic.

The post begins by acknowledging that, “In our current situation, one of the most important things to master is putting files online. When most of us, if not everyone, is working from home and only armed with an Internet connection, it is inevitable that sharing of important files and documents is one skill that everybody should already be a master of. After all, hasn’t it been more than five months and running since the world started this anxiety-driven quarantine where everybody needs to practice a safe distance from everyone else?”

With all the changes people have had to adapt to and challenges they had to face, the post speculates that most would have already developed an appreciation towards the devices and apps that allowed them to work from home and made the process more convenient. It was quite unexpected that uploading, sharing and downloading files would become second nature. Equally unexpected is video conferencing becoming essential, a skill which was needed even outside of work — to Facetime, Skype or Zoom call with one’s family and friends too. Video calls were a welcome relief for many, as wearing masks and practicing social distancing outdoors was a must.

Google Drive has been a popular file-sharing and cloud storage app that is used by most people for work and other purposes. To quote the post, “Since Google Drive is obviously part of the Google suite of programs that is basically ubiquitous all over the world, then it goes without saying that you would be in the very small minority if you haven’t come across the platform. So, if you’re still at a bit of a loss with Google Drive and making the most out of it, here is some information about it.” The post then goes on to explain the most useful features of Google Drive.

Google Drive has become a convenient platform because email attachments have a rather small size limit. If one must share documents or files of a larger size, the standard email server would not be able to handle it, and this is where Google Drive becomes useful. One may simply drag and drop a file or folder on one’s desktop to the browser window. Another option is to click on the “New” button and select either ‘File upload’ or ‘Folder upload.’ One of the more advantageous features of a storage and file sharing platform for people working from home is the ability to download the shared files so that they can access it without needing an internet connection. This is also useful for those who have intermittent Wi-Fi or internet connections. To use Google Apps features offline, the post points out that one must set their apps to this setting while one has internet access. The post also states that one should, “Keep in mind that if you make edits while offline, collaborators will not see your edits and any edits collaborators who are online make will supersede your changes. Once you regain internet access, any offline edits will be synced.”

If one needs to share a file or document with several team members, it is not only possible but more convenient to use a Google Group composed of these people and to share the necessary files through that group. Another benefit of Google Shared drives is that the group owns all of the documents in the drive, so even if a member leaves, the documents will remain in the shared group. The post goes on to explain that, “You can use Workgroup Integration to create a Google Group from current Workgroups. Once the permissions are granted to your Google Group, access to the Shared drives is automatically adjusted when you add or remove members from your Stanford Workgroup, allowing you to manage access entirely from within Workgroup Manager”. The post also points out other features, such as multiple file sharing on Google Drive (which allows for quick and convenient file sharing). One may even share files with individuals who do not have Google accounts by turning on the link sharing option.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is known for providing safe, secure hard drive data recovery for Mac and PC hard disk drives, both via software and clean room hands-on data retrieval. During the company’s 20 years of service, they have helped recover thousands of megabytes of files and data for individuals and companies across North America. The company reminds the community that if data was lost because of mechanical failure such as hard drive crash or failure, or because of computer virus, accidental deletion or natural disaster, it is always recommended to contact their team before attempting to fix it on one’s own. This will help prevent further damage and maximize the chances of being able to recover all of the data.

To learn more about Hard Drive Recovery Group, one may visit the company’s website. Those interested may also contact the company via phone or email.


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