Hard Drive Recovery Associates Publishes Article On Podcast Tech

Irvine, California-based Hard Drive Recovery Associates (HDRA) recently published a new article titled ‘Do You Have the Tech Basics of Podcasting.’ Running a podcast, while an apparently simple endeavor, is a hobby that requires a certain amount of commitment. Running a podcast also requires at least a basic understanding of the technology used to produce content. Many people have begun looking for hobbies during this pandemic, taking up hobbies and activities to stay occupied, and podcasting is one of the many ways in which people have chosen to spend their time and energy. A podcast allows one to share things with the world, and Hard Drive Recovery Associates wants to make sure that everyone knows how to go about setting up their own podcast as well as keeping it running.

“There has been a surge in the amount of content people publish,” says the article. “Whether it is to bring some semblance of normality in their lives or to remind others in their network what they’ve been up to in these boring times, sharing podcasts can be quite therapeutic and effective as a social activity these days.”

In order to stream a podcast, one needs an internet connection and a computer, along with a few other items. The first on this list is a microphone, which is used to actually record the podcast, and there are a wide variety of microphones available on the market. These products range from high-end devices to more affordable options. A high end microphone is not an absolute requirement (although it can boost the audio quality of one’s podcast). A basic microphone can do the job just as well, however, and a lot of podcasts simply use the most basic setup to produce content.

Another item one might need is a headset, especially for a podcast with multiple participants. “A headset is a must if you are going to have a podcast with multiple participants,” the article says. “If you are doing a solo act podcast or if you’re not doing a reaction vlog or content that would require you to watch or listen to another person or piece of content, then a headset may not be necessary. But if you have a partner or you’re doing a reaction podcast, then make sure you have a great headset.”

Lastly, recording and mixing software are a necessity for anyone looking to put together a podcast, according to the article. Podcasts featuring just one unedited voice do fine but adding other elements requires special software. Programs like Digital Audio Workstation, for example, are among the powerful tools used by many people to produce quality audio.

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