Hard Drive Recovery Associates Offers Advice on How Not to Get Victimized by a Romance Trickster

Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a data recovery service company based in Irvine, California, has recently published a blog post on how avoid becoming a victim of a romance trickster. These tricksters make use of dating apps, websites, Facebook, and other social media apps to meet potential victims and interact with them and try to gain their trust. Once they have established a relationship, they will encourage a shift to a different form of communication, such as texting and email. They usually steal an attractive person’s identity to cause the would-be victim to fall in love with them and later on they may ask for money.

The article points out that there are some tell-tale signs of a potential romance trickster. First of all, they usually don’t agree to meet-ups, even if there doesn’t seem to be any inconvenience for them. Second, they often have physically attractive profiles and their English is not on the same level as a native speaker, although they may claim to have college degrees and to have traveled to many places around the world. They may also be reluctant to use video chats because they are likely to be using another person’s identity.

Love tricksters tend to make use of stock images of models, such as pictures of them posing with a particular product. One way to check if they are real is to ask for a family photo, which they will likely not be able to provide because the model they have been impersonating may not have such a photo publicly available.

It should also be noted that many romance tricksters have been shifting from the usual online dating platforms to apps that are apparently safe and neutral, such as Words with Friends and Google Hangouts. They do this because most people consider such apps to be wholesome and they will not be expecting to be contacted by someone who intends to trick them.

Meanwhile, Jack Edwards, a representative for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, says, “We hope that nobody falls victim to these unscrupulous activities, just like we hope for everyone to not be victimized by data recovery concerns. If you feel like you lost data, we can help you recover it.”

The company provides data recovery services to people who have lost valuable data for any reason and they want to get back those files. Loss of data is often caused by a hard drive failure, which can really make computer users worried because those files contain documents, pictures, and other content that are considered to be irreplaceable. Fortunately, Hard Drive Recovery Associates can help them avoid panicking or feeling stressed. More often than not, they are able to retrieve important business data, family pictures, business documents, and other important files from a failed hard drive.

They can offer data recovery services for hard drives for laptop computers, including external drives. External hard drives have been becoming ubiquitous because of the convenience that they offer. However, these drives tend to have a higher risk of failing, causing the data they contain to be inaccessible. For such a situation, Hard Drive Recovery Associates offers expedited 24-hour laptop pickup and delivery to customers. They can also provide data recovery services for Apple devices, such as the iMac, MacBooks, iPads, and even iPhones.

For businesses, they offer RAID and server data recovery solutions. Server technologies remain the dominant form of computer storage for enterprises, particularly with the rising popularity of cloud computing. Although servers and RAIDs have better ways to protect data, it is still possible for a server or RAID to fail. They offer a specialized 24-hour drop shipment program to allow businesses to get their server back and running as quickly as possible.

People who are searching for a data recovery services provider may want to visit the Hard Drive Recovery Associates website, or contact them through the telephone, or via email. They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week, but may have a different schedule for holidays.


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