Hard Drive Recovery Associates Explores The Disadvantages Of Using A VPN

Irvine, CA data recovery expert Hard Drive Recovery Associates recently published a blog post that discussed the drawbacks and shortcomings of virtual private networks (VPNs). Those who are interested can read the entire blog post on the company’s official website.

VPNs can be very useful tools. They can be used to hide online identities from third parties, access content that is only available in other places of the world, avoid bandwidth throttling and more. However, everyone should take note that the use of a VPN can also come with many disadvantages. It is important to consider these drawbacks so that potential users can weigh the possible consequences of VPNs before deciding whether or not they want to use such private networks.

To begin with, those who choose to activate their VPN may find that their internet speeds are not up to par to what they usually are. This is because VPNs have to work hard to make sure that the user’s network traffic is encrypted. This gives the user better online security and online anonymity but also means that their devices will have to allot more resources to this additional priority, in turn needing more time to do each task. There may also be other reasons for slow VPNs, such as the encryption method, the resources on the user’s device and so on. Overheads may also be introduced and utilized by others to slow down the speed of VPN users. There are some VPN services that provide a nice balance between speed and security. However, more often than not, these services will cost the user more money.

Users may also be unaware that the VPNs they use can be stalking them. There are VPN services that allow people to access their private servers and provide services like enhanced security and improved speed — but they may also be siphoning data away from their users. In fact, most may be unaware of this issue as clauses regarding data collection may be hidden away in the fine print of the Terms of Agreement that hardly anyone reads. VPN services may also be collecting information due to regional laws, and users should be aware that some VPN services do this, especially free-to-use VPNs.

VPN services may also pose security threats to business users. Most businesses usually benefit from using VPNs because doing so gives remote employees access to the company network. This is even more beneficial during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, as most people are now remote working and are afraid to leave their houses. The problem with this is that the network admins in a given company most probably do not have much control over the devices that remote employees are using. This is an obvious security risk that third parties can exploit.

In fact, as an article on Pipeline states, “Yet while VPNs could effectively enable and secure remote access in the past when most work was done onsite within company walls, their use has become increasingly risky in a world that includes a preponderance of virtual workers.”

It must also be noted that, although VPN services do provide increased security and online anonymity, they still do not provide 100% anonymity. Even the people who use VPNs religiously may find that their identities have still been revealed. This can happen if the user’s DNS is leaked, if the VPN gets disconnected while the user is browsing the internet, or if the VPN services used have agreements with government agencies to disclose user personal information in the interest of national security. Users must note that VPNs are not the foolproof anonymity solution that many think they are.

Users should make sure to be careful in choosing whether or not to use VPNs. If they decide to do so, they must be smart in choosing which VPNs to use. Using a bad VPN can lead to system hacks and loss of valuable data. If this happens, Hard Drive Recovery Associates can provide assistance in recovering lost important information. Their experienced and certified data recovery engineers can ensure that their customers will receive their recovered data in as intact a state as possible.

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