Happy Bunnies Child Care School Explains What Makes Them Different as a Preschool in Austin in New Blog Post

Happy Bunnies Child Care School, an Oak Hill daycare and preschool in Austin, TX, has released a blog post that explains what makes them different from similar schools in Austin and surrounding areas. They have gained recognition as a leader in quality early learning and care, developmentally relevant courses, and best practices for infant or toddler programming at local and national levels. They also offer flexible schedules for the benefit of parents who are nurses, those who do shift work and have non-traditional programs. Overall, this childcare facility aims to provide each child a well-rounded education at a child care cost in Austin, TX that is fair and transparent.

Magdalena MacLeod, School Director at Happy Bunnies Child Care School, says, “At Happy Bunnies, we want to help South Austin parents find the right childcare solution for their families. We believe that starts by providing excellent service and unique programs that set us apart from other south Austin daycare centers. Our South Austin daycare offers a range of exciting, stimulating activities to help your child grow both mentally and physically. Our teachers connect age-appropriate lessons to the real world, so children experience early science education first-hand as they tend to our garden or observe insects outside through magnifying glasses.”

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Another distinguishing factor for Happy Bunnies Child Care School is its curriculum, including art, movement, music, math, science, language, physical activity, and social studies. Also, the teachers are trained professionals who are all experienced and knowledgeable in handling young children. It has also been observed that children who attended Happy Bunnies were able to excel in their elementary education later on.

For those interested in child care tuition costs in Austin, TX, Happy Bunnies Child Care School also explains what sets them apart from other daycare schools in the area. In many preschools, the actual costs are not displayed on their website. Their prices can vary and depend on how much a particular parent can afford. In contrast, at Happy Bunnies Child Care School, they believe that the same price should be given to everyone. Thus, they don’t hesitate to show the actual costs on their website.

A significant component of the child care cost is the teachers. This is reasonable since it is essential to get the best teachers and train them properly for the kids’ education. In addition, it is also vital to have a higher teachers ratio to kids. The State of Texas has a specified minimum for this ratio, and many schools comply with that minimum requirement. At Happy Bunnies Child Care, they have decided to have a much higher ratio than the minimum level. This explains the higher child care costs at leading early learning centers. Nevertheless, they understand that child care costs can be a burden for many parents, so they always try to make their costs as affordable as possible.

Happy Bunnies Child Care School is owned and operated by Magdalena MacLeod, who has several years of experience managing preschools. Her chain of daycares began in 2008 when she assumed the ownership of three well-established daycare centers and preschools near London in the UK. These schools offered their services for 20 years when she purchased them. And it was in 2018, she bought the preschool that is found in the Oak Hill community in the city of Austin. The former owners of the school were ready to retire after running the school since 1993. So she gladly assumed ownership of what is currently known as Happy Bunnies Child Care School, a licensed childcare center in South Austin offering quality schooling for kids aged six weeks to five years old.

Parents who want to know more about Happy Bunnies Child Care School, including Austin daycare prices, can visit their website or contact them through the telephone or email.


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