Hal Elrod Featured Speaker at Experience Serendipity Conference in 2022

The Experience Serendipity Conference has recently announced that Hal Elrod, author of the International Best Selling book Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8AM is the featured speaker for their upcoming conference on February 5th and 6th, 2022.

Experience Serendipity, a live success conference for personal and professional mastery, is a conference for people who want to take control of their own success and change their lives one morning at a time. Because the world has changed significantly over the last couple of years, the paths people can take to pursue success have changed a great deal as well. The Experience Serendipity Conference brings together industry leaders for a one day summit that is designed to help individuals take control of their own success in this world of change.

XSC Featuring Hal Elrod

In the past year, many have learned how tenacious they can be, and many have found inner strength they didn’t know they had. Now these people are looking for the tools they need to achieve more in their live, be it health, wealth, professional success, personal growth, or all of the above. This day of immersion brings together industry leaders to help people learn best practices in all parts of their lives, from relationships, finance, health, real estate, and how to do with change.

The creators of the Experience Serendipity Conference are especially excited to announce this year’s featured speaker, Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning. Elrod’s mission in life is to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one person and one morning at a time. To this end, he wrote his book, The Miracle Morning, which has since been translated into 37 languages and sold over 2.5 million copies. It has also been turned into a documentary showing how ordinary people are using the ideas from the book to transform their lives, simply by changing how they start their days. The book promises a secret to transforming ones life involving a simple, 6 minute per day practice, which the author developed after being hit by a car and declared dead for six minutes, and then making a full recovery. Having made a full recovery from this horrific experience, Hal writes about how anyone can overcome anything if they don’t limit themselves with their own thinking.

Hal Elrod is just one of the many amazing speakers who will be presenting at Experience Serendipity Conference in February of 2022. More speakers will continue to be announced in the weeks leading up to the conference, all of whom will be industry leaders in some area of success, be it financial freedom, meaningful relationships, living healthy, and many more incredibly relevant topics to anyone who wishes to lead a better lives. Currently, early bird discounted tickets are available for purchase on the Experience Serendipity website.

Experience Serendipity Conference, or XSC, promises to help people raise their own standards to create lasting and successful habits, deeper relationships, financial freedom, and live a healthier and stronger lifestyle. Customers can also purchase VIP tickets, limited to 100 persons, to get personal interactions with all guest speakers, as well as invitations to attend a VIP evening mixer and Social with Hal Elrod and the rest of the guest speakers, and a Live Q&A session, for VIPs only, with all of the guest speakers, including Hal Elrod, so anyone who purchases VIP tickets will get the chance to ask the speakers questions directly. The conference is being held at the Westin Keirland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is best suited for almost everyone, from young adults to older working adults, as long as they’re looking for positive energy and a daily process that unlocks their personal power and gives them the key to tap into the abilities that make ordinary people become extraordinary.

More information is available on Facebook, for anyone who wants to Connect with XS Conference, and tickets are available for purchase on the conference website now.


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