Hacienda Heights Exterminators Providing Pest Control to Local Residents

Hacienda Heights Pest & Rodent Removal is a pest control company that will be providing professional pest control to the residents of Los Angeles County. The company boasts a team of 15 exterminators. Each team member has been rigorously trained on each type of pest local to Hacienda Heights. They can treat any pest or rodent issue that someone might come across no matter how big or small. The company offers normal treatments, routine checkups, and emergency services for wild or distressed animals.

The company is open every day through the week with Sunday being the only day they are closed. They are open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday.

A representative of the company said in a recent interview, “Hacienda Heights Pest & Rodent Removal is excited to be offering pest control services to Los Angeles county. Our team of professionally trained exterminators have been through hours of training and are ready to tackle any and every pest infestation out there. Our services are very affordable and are custom built for each pest. This means each of our services is custom built to handle each species of pest. This results in the most pest-free future for our customers in record times.”

There has been a recent rise in pest infestations in Los Angeles County and many people believe it is because the pests are becoming more resilient to everyday treatments and more adapt to their environment.

The president of Hacienda Heights Pest & Rodent Removal went on to say, “Pests are getting harder and harder to control and prevent. They are becoming more resilient to most treatments and are spreading more rapidly than ever before. Professional treatment is becoming the only way to take care of these pests because of this. That is why our services are custom built in order to perform the most efficient and effective pest control in the area. I believe by doing this, we can control the rise in infestations that are occurring.”

The company was pretty busy on their opening day with 40 new phone calls. The company was happy to be able to help each of those customers on the phone. Some of those infestations included bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, and even an incident with raccoons.

When a pest issue is possible residents can contact Hacienda Heights Pest & Rodent Removal by telephone or on their website at https://pestcontrolhaciendaheights.com. They respond quickly and get an exterminator out to the property in record time.


For more information about Hacienda Heights Pest & Rodent Removal, contact the company here:

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