GreyStone Labs In Irving Texas Provides Cutting Edge Services To Texas

GreyStone Laboratories, an Irving, Texas-based laboratory, would like to reach out to local residents who may be in search of a clinical laboratory to perform any of a number of services. GreyStone Laboratories offers some of the most advanced, complex clinical laboratory testing services in the world. Equipped with the most advanced technology and a team of licensed scientific professionals, the lab is dedicated to providing clients with fast and accurate results. At GreyStone, they make it a point to help their clients avoid long wait times and multiple transfers, offering quick, reliable customer service.

“At GreyStone Laboratories, our mission is to provide doctors, insurers, and patients with professional, timely, and highly accurate testing and diagnostic services that enable critical care decisions to be made when they matter most,” the GreyStone Laboratories team says. “We continually expand and add additional laboratory tests, methodologies, and services to ensure increased precision as innovative, cutting-edge technologies are developed. We are proud to provide the highest level of laboratory diagnostic testing and analysis to a wide range of patients, physicians, insurers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.”

The Irving laboratory provides full-service diagnostic laboratory services. Unlike other laboratories, however, GreyStone’s services are tailor-made to meet each client’s unique and highly specific needs. They offer follow-up, face-to-face consultations, and customer support, all aimed at helping their clients provide their patients with the highest possible quality of care. The combination of strictly held, high laboratory standards and many years of carefully cultivated expertise has led to the creation of a diagnostics lab that is dedicated to maintaining — and always improving — the health of the many communities it serves.

GreyStone Labs in Irving Texas makes use of the most advanced technology to test and produce genomic results in less than 24 hours. In addition, the lab’s team is always available to address the concerns of their clients as they know how important genetic results are. The lab is able to sequence accurately in a timely manner, and their results-oriented approach makes it so clients can rely on GreyStone to provide the very best when it comes to lab-related services. The research-led Irving lab specializes in hereditary testing and, using cutting-edge technology, is able to detect a number of genes that were at one point considered unidentifiable.

“At GreyStone, our vision is to make it possible for all patients to have genomics-driven precision medicine,” says the company. “We enable clinicians to truly deliver on precision medicine by quickly and accurately interpreting genomic data and using those insights to diagnose and treat patients. We are transforming precision medicine by combining the vast quantities of genomic data with often complex phenotypic data to predict risk, diagnose disease, and plan treatment for even the most challenging cases.”

The laboratory has managed to build a great reputation over the years, thanks in no small part to the team behind the work at GreyStone Laboratories. The team is made up of industry professionals who not only hold the finest credentials but also years of work experience and a strong professional background. Their attitude is one of compassion, care, and determination to be the best in the industry, and clients can rely on the Irving Lab to deliver on all fronts.

At GreyStone, they offer their many services to thousands of clients every day. This includes blood counts as well as highly advanced genetic testing for some of the world’s rarest diseases and disorders.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of the sequencing revolution,” the lab says. “Mendelian and complex genetic trait diseases continue to burden and affect society, both socially and economically. Until recently, the absence of effective diagnostic methodologies has hindered healthcare professionals’ abilities to advance timely and accurate diagnoses. Conventional diagnostic testing methods, in most cases, return inconclusive results, with less than half of cases resulting in an operative genetic diagnosis. While Mendelian diseases and complex genetic diseases are individually rare, these diseases collectively affect millions of individuals and families, resulting in harmful social and economic consequences. GreyStone Laboratories understands that the lack of consistently reliable diagnostic techniques obstructs progress in the development of effective preventative and therapeutic interventions for doctors and their patients.”

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