GreyStone Laboratories Offers Diagnostic Laboratory Services In Irving

GreyStone Laboratories, a diagnostics laboratory based in Irving, Texas, would like to offer their diagnostics laboratory services to anyone in Irving who may be in search of such services. The lab offers a variety of laboratory services, from simple blood work to highly complex processes like genetic sequencing. All of this is made possible by the lab’s use of highly advanced techniques and technology, which allow the laboratory to produce fast results. The lab has made it a point to build a reputation for being reliable and accurate, and one can always contact GreyStone to avoid laboratories fraud.

“GreyStone Laboratory’s mission, vision, and values convey the reasons we exist as an organization, what we aspire to accomplish as an organization, and the way we work to get there,” the Irving diagnostics laboratory says. “Our mission, vision, and values are a unifying force that links all of us together in our commitment to providing the highest possible quality of service to our clients and their patients. Our mission, the reason we exist, is Caring, Healing, Educating, and Discovering. Our vision, what we want, is to be the world’s leading provider of diagnostic laboratory services; a family-oriented employer, the best possible place to work, with continuous and unceasing support for our staff and their families; and a second-to-none innovator in the establishment of a first-class environment for industry-leading education and research.”

The laboratory prides itself on offering unparalleled clinical diagnostic services based on the use of groundbreaking, state-of-the-art technology combined with expertise and experience. The lab’s commitment to excellence means that every member of the GreyStone Laboratories team constantly strives to be the best in their area. Through continual education and constant technological innovation, the lab continues to stand at the head of the industry.

Quality is one of the major concerns at GreyStone Laboratories. They constantly strive to provide high-quality analytical data that caters to the needs of each and every client. This means providing ethical, accurate diagnostic services that are dependable and independent.

“It’s no secret: our success lies in our people,” the lab says. “GreyStone’s team of highly-dedicated specialists possesses expert credentials, unparalleled experience, and the most effective training and education in the industry today. Our commitment to providing high-quality, industry-defining service — with people’s wellbeing as our foremost priority — positions us at the bleeding edge of laboratory diagnostics. Our customer care team of welcoming, polite, and experienced staff ensures that all queries are addressed quickly and expertly — putting an end to button-pushing and long, frustrating wait times on the phone.”

GreyStone is unique among diagnostic laboratories in that the team strives to ensure that every client’s unique, individual needs are met. By offering follow-up, face-to-face consultations as well as customer support, GreyStone ensures the satisfaction and success of their clients and great care for their client’s patients.

The lab’s approach follows a set of tried and tested steps that ensure that their client’s results are accurate and delivered in a timely fashion. They begin by identifying the patient’s needs. This involves working closely with physicians to create customized testing options that meet the needs of both the physician and the patient. GreyStone Labs also makes it a point to maintain the highest standards for lab safety and compliance by continuously checking their facilities, equipment, and staff to provide the very best results. Lastly, the Irving lab partners with their physician network to find the best solutions.

“GreyStone Laboratories provides reference testing and specialty diagnostic testing to thousands of patients a day,” the lab says. “From simple blood counts to industry-defining genetic testing for some of the world’s most rare diseases, GreyStone’s diversity of diagnostic methodologies is facilitated by state-of-the-art, leading-edge equipment and techniques that put us at the frontline in a world of rapidly advancing diagnostic technology. This allows GreyStone Labs to provide superior testing and highly competitive result turn-around times.”

For more information on GreyStone Laboratories in Irving, visit their website. The lab is committed to providing fast and accurate results, and clients can always be sure to get the very best in customer service at the Irving lab.


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