GreyStone Laboratories Affirms Commitment To Quality Service Amidst Medical Fraud Concerns

Irving, TX-based GreyStone Laboratories would like to reach out to the wider public and share what their mission, vision, and values are so that their community can know more about them and their commitment to quality service.

GreyStone Laboratories’ reason for existence is the fulfillment of its mission to care, heal, educate and discover. This mission lays at the core of everything that they have done and are continuing to do. In the process of fulfilling this mission, GreyStone Laboratories aims to become the world’s leading provider of diagnostic laboratory services while also providing the best work environment and becoming a family-oriented employer. They strive to become an unparalleled innovator in terms of becoming a top-class environment for trailblazing education and research.

The methods that GreyStone Labs use in trying to achieve their mission and vision reveals their values, which can be summarized into the acronym CORE. C stands for connecting clinically and critically. O stands for opportunity and obstacles. R stands for reality and results. Finally, E stands for education and execution.

GreyStone Laboratories’ mission, vision, and values hold them together as they strive to remain committed to the highest standards of service possible both to their clients and to their clients’ patients. They do not strive only for mediocrity. Instead, they aim for service that meets both their already rigorous standards and the standards of the top diagnostic laboratories, medical centers, and healthcare organizations throughout the world. GreyStone Labs is always seeking to improve itself by maintaining flexibility, pursuing innovation, and focusing on providing top-quality diagnostic services. This attitude has allowed them to continually provide optimal quality service.

They have set the industry standard for customer service thanks to their excellent diagnostics turnaround times, their state-of-the-art industrial technology management systems, and their dedication to being accurate the first time around. Their timely services, which can be accessed without bias, have led to great results with clients from all financial, educational, and clinical backgrounds.

Compared to other diagnostic laboratories, GreyStone believes that its team wields a higher level of expertise, skill, and technological finesse. GreyStone Laboratories regularly invests in state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and diagnostic processes, and their equipment allows them to continue providing their excellent services without a hitch even when demands for their services suddenly rise.

GreyStone Laboratories also understands that each client has their own unique needs and preferences. As such, they customize their services to best match each and every client. They provide valuable support in the growth of their clients’ practices through follow-up consultations and customer support. With the help of GreyStone Laboratories, clinicians will have an easier time providing their patients with the best standard of care that can be achieved.

Presently, GreyStone Laboratories’ services are already at a level that very few laboratories can match. However, they are not satisfied with remaining where they currently are. GreyStone Laboratories has a strong desire to shape the future of clinical diagnostics. This can be seen in how they are leading the industry in pursuing the advancement of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. NGS technology refers to large-scale DNA sequencing technology that can be used to find out the order of nucleotides in entire genomes, exons within all known genes, or the exons of specific genes. This allows for levels of output, scalability, and speed that have never been seen before. Through the use of NGS technology, GreyStone is capable of diagnosing some of the deadliest inheritable genes, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and much more.

GreyStone Labs does not wish to stop here. They want to continue blazing a trail until all doctors and patients have access to genomics-driven precision medicine and all the useful benefits it provides. In pursuit of this end, they are combining unmatched amounts of genomic data and complex phenotypic data. By doing this, GreyStone is able to accurately predict risk, diagnose disease, and plan treatment. They are also empowering and assisting clinicians in diagnosing and treating patients with much greater precision.

Those who wish to learn more about the services of GreyStone Laboratories in Irving TX may head over to the company’s official website for more details. They may also contact the team directly via phone or email to follow up on any other inquiries.


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