Grey Stone Laboratories Provides Clinical Testing In Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas-based Grey Stone Laboratories is pleased to announce that they are offering clinical laboratory testing services.

Grey Stone Laboratories is a state-of-the-art facility that features the latest advancements in laboratory equipment placed in the hands of licensed scientific professionals. This allows them to carry out even the most complex clinical tests and bring swift, accurate, and comprehensive genomic results to patients in less than 24 hours. With the help of their cutting-edge technology, they are capable of detecting some of the most deadly genes that could be passed on through the generations, including breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. Their comprehensive selection of toxicology testing screening and confirmation panels allows physicians to customize their approach to patient care.

Grey Stone Laboratories seeks to enable all patients to have access to genomics-driven precision medicine. In order to achieve this goal, Grey Stone Laboratories takes a results-oriented and research-led approach to its testing practices. In fact, they are able to combine large amounts of genomic data with phenotypic data in even the most challenging cases. They use Illumina NextSeq and MiniSeq to precisely sequence in a timely manner. Grey Stone Laboratories also makes use of the latest technology to detect once-unidentifiable genes. This allows them to predict risk, diagnose disease, and plan treatment. Grey Stone Laboratories quickly and precisely interprets these genomic data to allow physicians to better diagnose and treat patients.

Clinical laboratory testing is important for patients as it allows them to realize what risks they are facing. With this knowledge, they will be able to seek medical assistance sooner in order to mitigate these risks. This places them in a safer position than they would have been in had they not undergone clinical laboratory testing. Such testing is also important for the confirmation or refutation of diagnoses and greater ease in patient monitoring. It allows for easier screening and surveying for diseases that are relevant to public health, even in asymptomatic cases. Some of the most well-known examples of this usage are the newborn screening programs used to detect treatable conditions in babies. This enables early medical intervention even before clinical symptoms begin showing up. Another example is the testing for diseases such as diabetes and prostate cancer where the tested individual may seem healthy but is actually suffering from a medical condition. Using this screening, detection and intervention will be swifter, leading to better long-term outcomes.

The clinical laboratory process may vary from case to case but there is a general flow that is usually followed. The process begins when a clinician requests lab tests in order to diagnose, treat, manage or monitor a patient’s condition. Then, a specimen will be taken and sent to the laboratory for testing. The laboratory will then test and analyze the specimen to produce results and data. These results are sent to the clinician that requested the test, and they will then interpret the results and inform the patients of the results and their implications. The results are then used to form a diagnosis and help the patient and clinician make decisions regarding the treatment that will occur.

Grey Stone Laboratories provides top-quality services with matching levels of customer service. They strive to make themselves available as much as possible as they recognize the importance of prompt clinical testing for patients. They have a team that is always ready to answer inquiries without long hold times and multiple transfers. Callers can expect to hear a warm and friendly voice when they contact Grey Stone Laboratories. Those who have questions and concerns may contact Grey Stone Labs by phone or via email. Grey Stone Laboratories assures their community that they are committed to helping and are not involved in any kind of fraud.

Grey Stone Laboratories maintains high standards for lab safety and compliance in order to make sure that their facilities and procedures are safe for their staff and patients. They perform checks and maintenance on their facilities, equipment, and staff in order to maintain the highest quality of services while assuring adequate safety margins. Grey Stone Laboratories works closely with medical professionals to craft customized testing options. They also partner with medical experts to provide other solutions that will benefit both the physician and the patient. This means that their physician network also benefits from partnering with Grey Stone Laboratories.


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