Gresham OR Included in Web Design Firm’s Location Lists

Sharp Tack Media, a web design company out of Oregon, now states that additional web design and online marketing tools are now available for companies in the areas of Gresham, Oregon. Through their experience in conventional marketing and custom creative strategies, the marketing company allows small to medium-sized enterprises to maximize their income.

These additional services are targeted to be effective solutions for the Gresham web design audience of hundreds of local and small-scale businesses present in the Gresham region and nearby areas.

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A company representative mentioned the following when asked about how digital marketing relates to better visibility and, ultimately, better business, “Today, digital marketing's strength and effect is more pronounced than ever as the data suggests that in 2018, 93% of online interactions start with a search engine, at least 281 billion emails were sent and received every day, and 3.2 billion users of social media are active every day. This rich resource needs to be tapped in order for a business to achieve its full potential.”

In addition to that, the focus of many customers on e-commerce and mobile commerce has led companies and industries to adapt software for website personalization. These softwares’ efforts are focused on user retention and acquisition to convert as many clicks into purchases as possible.

Furthermore, the company also explained that while the economy of Gresham remains dominated by tourism and music, as Oregon’s fourth largest city plays host to the renowned Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, it has become a home for a burgeoning economy of innovation over the years. It was also home to an emerging group of entrepreneurs focused on engineering and high technology.

Gresham has more than 30 tech firms, varying in scale from New Relic, a small cloud-based management platform to the tech giant Intel making its market a diverse and competitive landscape. Sharp Tack Media understands the need for these small businesses to differentiate themselves from the pack and offers plenty of affordable ways that these businesses can achieve this.

These statistics and figures offer an insight into the digital marketing world's existing activities, and the technological industry's booming presence that can be embraced to help local businesses stay competitive and keep ahead of the curve.

Sharp Tack Media has an in-house team of professional brand journalists, graphic designers, web developers and marketing strategists who can manage any project from idea to delivery across Gresham’s various economic sectors.

As specialists in small business branding, the organization has a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts that are especially helpful for start-ups in technology and engineering thriving in the region. The organization has partnered with hundreds of businesses across thousands of sectors with 15+ years of industry, such as gyms and fitness practitioners, HVAC companies, attorneys, medical offices, home care, life coaching, e-commerce shops, supplement companies, and many more.

A spokesman for the agency said, "Our approach is simple; we offer practical solutions focused on ROI that have been proven to work. We have business experience, expert workers and we are proud of our incredible customer support to get the job done.”

Sharp Tack Media continues to extend its extensive and high impact solutions to companies in Gresham and its surrounding areas with this new announcement. Interested parties can find more information on the agency’s comprehensive list of services by visiting


For more information about Sharp Tack Media, contact the company here:

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