Greenville Hair Salon Specializes in Hair Styling, Haircuts, Hair Extensions, Wigs and More

The Hair Vixens, a hair salon in Greenville, SC, is happy to announce that they specialize in hair styling, haircuts, hair extensions, wigs, eye lash extensions, and cosmetics. This hair salon is owned by Konisha Harris, who is a licensed cosmetologist since 2008. She is certified in seven different kinds of hair extension methods. She focuses on the specific needs of each client, carefully choosing colors for lip glosses, eye shadows, and more. She actually makes her wigs manually and determines the best way of making them appear as natural as possible.

Konisha Harris says, “Our goal is to help bring out that beauty in you. That is why we are focused on providing the best quality products and service that are specific for you. This ensures that each and everyone of our clients will experience results for their specific needs.”

A key category of products offered by The Hair Vixens is the wigs category. Clients may choose one from their ready to wear wigs or get a custom wig with prices ranging from $50 to $850. Ready to wear wigs from The Hair Vixens include the: Brittany Jet Black Frontal Bob Wig; Cap Wigs; Cruella Frontal Wig; Diana Frontal Wig; Ebony Frontal Wig; Harley Frontal Wig; HD Lace Pineapple Wigs; Jennifer Frontal Wig; Kourtney Frontal Wig; Natalie Highlight Wig; Sasha U-Part Wig; Spice Frontal Wig; Stephanie Frontal Wig; Trina Frontal Wig; and more.

Other hair products available from The Hair Vixens include the: Fashion Bun Cap in Blush Color; Fashion Bun Caps in Hunter Green Color; Get Vixed - Smoothing Stick, which is a lightweight blending wax for creating a sleek finished look; Get Vixed Kit that includes a Vixed natural lace tint mousse and a Get Vixed smoothing stick; Hair Bonnet; Hair Emergency Kits; Lace Bands; Slick Them Edges for edge control; Tickle My Cuticle Hair Growth Oil; Vix Release - Glue Remover; Vixed Natural - Lace Tint Mousse; and more.

The Hair Vixens - Greenville Hair Salon also offers various lipsticks, including the: Valenciaga Lipstick; Valmain Lipstick; Varmani Lipstick; Vartier Lipstick; VcCarntey Lipstick; Vendi Lipstick; Vhanel Lipstick; Vhristian Lipstick; Vior Lipstick; Voach Lipstick; Volce Lipstick; Vor Lipstick; Vord Lipstick; Vucci Lipstick; Vuiton Lipstick; Vurberry Lipstick; and more.

The Hair Vixens also offers other cosmetics items. These include the: Vixen Eyeshadow Palette; Pink Eyeshadow Palette; Vanisha Lash; Vantasia Lash; Victorial Lash; Vercedes Lipgloss; and more.

Also available are Top Virgin Bundle Deals with prices ranging from $176.00 to $296.00. These are quality hair extension wefts that have been tied together and used in weave styling. They are typically used for wig making, sew ins, braidless sew ins, and quick weaves. The length ranges from 10 to 28 inches and they are made from 100 percent virgin hair. They have a natural black color and they be styled and dyed.

Meanwhile, customers can apply for VIP membership, which is $5.00 per month. Becoming a VIP member allows people to gain access to exclusive items and discounts. They can also benefit from free mini classes that will teach various tips and tricks on how to do their own hair at home and how to properly maintain certain styles.

Also available is The Best Hair Growth Tips Ebook that offers tips and tricks on growing the hair so that it is longer and thicker. They also offer full face makeup, which includes eyeshadow, contouring, foundation, and lipstick application. The application of strip lashes is also included for this particular service. And the Vixed Natural Lace Tint Mousse is for tinting one’s lace while melting baby hairs at the same time. This can help in avoiding the application of makeup to the lace of the lace wig.

Konisha Harris founded The Hair Vixens LLC in 2011 with herself as CEO although she became a licensed cosmetologist before that. In 2019, she introduced her candle line and expanded her projects. In 2021, she initiated her VIP, member-based platform for her followers. Those who are interested in learning more about The Hair Vixens can check out their website, contact them on the phone or through email, or visit The Hair Vixens - Facebook page.


For more information about The Hair Vixens, contact the company here:

The Hair Vixens
Konisha Harris
114 Chesterfield Rd
Greenville, SC 29605