Greenville Barndominium Company Brings Luxury Homes To People On A Smaller Budget

The Barndo Co. is making luxury homes more affordable for their community with custom barndominiums in Greenville, South Carolina. These homes can be constructed to deliver exactly what a client wants without requiring an excessive investment, and this has made the company a rising star in their local community. Those interested are invited to contact their office today to learn more.

Barndominiums themselves have seen an increase in popularity in recent years as homeowners set their sights on making every dollar count without compromising on either their home’s quality or personality. Given that barndominiums are much more cost-effective to build than more conventional homes, this means that builders have more leeway to implement a client’s vision as closely as possible. This flexibility also means that the homeowner’s lifestyle can be taken into account in every aspect of construction, delivering a home that meets their needs quite closely.

While there is no set definition for what constitutes a barndominium, these homes do tend to share a few key advantages. For instance, they are relatively simple to build, cutting down on both design and construction time by a great deal. Despite their simplicity, however, they form sturdy structures that can withstand the elements quite well, and homeowners will find that they fit into rural, rugged landscapes as easily as their namesakes (barns). Metal barndominiums in particular will enjoy a longer lifespan than most other materials used in home construction.

However, anyone can take this a step further by working with The Barndo Co. For instance, the company specializes in implementing free and open floor plans that perfectly encapsulate a warm, welcoming atmosphere. This is achieved by designing around the need for interior load-bearing walls, and the company’s prior work is a testament to how effective this approach is.

The relative simplicity of the final building also belies an underlying layer of complexity — the company carefully chooses specific materials and structures in the planning stage that will ensure there is no compromise on structural stability or quality. This also makes their barndominiums more insulation friendly, which new homeowners will immediately appreciate once they receive their first energy bills. The company explains that their clients are able to choose smaller AC units as a result. Furthermore, the spray foam insulation they utilize can contribute a staggering 40% more strength to the overall structure.

The Barndo Co. can build every aspect of a client’s barndominium to their precise requirements. There is also a virtually limitless number of flooring options available, so homeowners are welcome to pick whatever they prefer, including multiple varieties of carpet, concrete, tile and so on. On this note, the company invites their community to look up their gallery for a quick look at the projects they have already concluded. The Barndo Co. has completed more than 350 projects in their time, and they proudly document their favorites on their website. Find it here:

Those who believe a barndominium is an excellent candidate for their next home are welcome to bring their ideas to the team at The Barndo Co. today. Given their 15 years of experience working together, they are accomplished artisans who know how to take even the simplest ideas and develop a series of proposals for a client to consider. The team is also ready and willing to work with homeowners to fine-tune every project in the design stage till they are satisfied. Big, small, simple or complex, no project is beyond the company’s scope or enthusiasm.

The Barndo Co. states, “Our ultimate goal is to make sure our clients are completely happy with our builds. Regardless of how experienced they are as homeowners or builders, we strive to deliver nothing short of excellence by combining luxury living with affordable and practical construction. We are extremely proud of our work, and our award-winning projects are a showcase of our capabilities. We look forward to working with new clients to bring their barndominium to life.”

Interested parties may contact T. J. Norris of The Barndo Co. to discuss their next barndominium project. Alternatively, social media users may connect with the company on The Barndo Co. - Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news, offers and announcements.


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