Green Planet Hauling Offers Affordable Junk Hauling Services

junk hauling junk removal orange countyCA based Green Planet Hauling is pleased to announce that they provide affordable Orange County junk hauling services to residents of the Southern California area. Green Planet Hauling specializes in all kinds of commercial and residential removal for junk, ranging from property clean out to bulk item removal. Their rates start at $99.00, lower than any other junk hauling company in the area.

All places, whether residential or commercial, tend to accumulate old or broken items over time. They can be found in attics, basements and even living spaces. This clutter can quickly become a nuisance before the inhabitants even realize it. Cleaning up a premises and keeping them free of clutter is not an easy task, as the company’s clients are well aware. Fortunately, Green Planet Hauling is always ready to provide their junk hauling services and make garbage removal a lot easier. They are a team made up of friendly and punctual professionals who are dedicated to providing high quality services. They assure their clients that they will always arrive on time and help them to get rid of all the clutter on their premises quickly and efficiently. Their junk hauling services are provided in a stress-free, easy, and professional manner.

The company offers a wide range of junk disposal and other related services. First and foremost, Green Planet Hauling offers construction waste cleanup services. Those who love to take on home projects (whether in a professional or a DIY setting) know that large amounts of waste, such as plaster, scrap metal, glass, concrete and roof tiles, are created every time construction is involved. It is difficult to remove all debris that is left behind once a project has been completed. Green Planet Hauling understands this issue and has made an on-demand service available in order to get rid of all types of construction waste. With their years of experience in junk disposal, Green Planet Hauling can be trusted in handling any waste and debris that are left behind from all construction projects. They are licensed and insured to safely and effectively handle construction waste from demolition and remodeling projects. The company can also remove old structures or storage sheds that are no longer stable in order to prevent accidents.

In addition, Green Planet Hauling cares about the environment and makes sure that the junk they collect is not just blindly dumped in landfill sites. They take time to select reusable scrap materials and bring them to the proper facilities for recycling. Working appliances and furniture are also donated to shelters or organizations where they can be reused. Whether clients need a regular collection of construction waste or a one-time service for getting rid of piled up junk, Green Planet Hauling is at their disposal.

The company also offers residential junk removal. The experts from Green Planet Hauling have years of experience removing all types of residential junk. They specialize in trash hauling, old carpet removal, yard debris collection, green waste and other miscellaneous items. They can also handle e-waste, such as old or damaged computers and electronic devices. The company also makes sure that reusable components are properly recycled, upcycled or donated.

Green Planet Hauling understands that many may also have a hard time letting go of clutter, but clutter accumulation often leads to hoarding situations (which can be harmful to the hoarders and their families). As a result, Green Planet Hauling offers property clean outs and hauling sevices of bulk items. Old appliances, mattresses, furniture, hot tubs, grills, etc. No item is too big.

Mandy Brallskie says in a 5-Star Google review of the company, “Fantastic service! I had a broken outdoor umbrella removed from my roof deck. Carlos and the team from Green Planet Hauling were super efficient, yet extremely careful not to scratch a single wall or door frame, even though they had to navigate two flights of stairs, and did not spill any sand from the base of my umbrella. Amazing. I have never seen movers or anyone be so careful with moving heavy, bulky objects.”

Those interested in Green Planet Hauling and the junk removal services they offer can learn more through the following link: Customers booking online will also recieve a 10% discount. Homeowners and businesses are also welcome to reach out to the team directly via phone, email or social media.


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