Green Earth Cannabis is Encouraging Calgary Customers To Try Its New Range Of Products

Green Earth Cannabis, one of Calgary’s foremost recreational cannabis dispensaries, is encouraging customers to come and sample its enticing product lineup. The store offers a stacked menu consisting of diverse products in categories such as flower buds, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, seeds, and accessories.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its uniqueness by saying, “The federal Cannabis act of 2018 opened the flood gates for cannabis consumption in the country. There are over 2000 stores in the country as of May 2021. Here at the Calgary Green Earth location, we are separating ourselves from the chaff by putting all of our focus on the thing that matters the most in this industry - the consumer. We know that a lot of people have only recently entered the cannabis ecosystem and have just started to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful herb. We are here to help those that are just starting their cannabis journey while also catering to the tastes of those who already have a ton of experience with the herb and know exactly what they want. We pick all of our products from only the best manufacturers that have consistently produced high-quality output. We go out of our way to make sure that those who shop at our store enjoy only the choicest cannabis products. We aim to please with our world-class customer service and diverse product selection. We are always trying to create a comfortable and rewarding environment for the consumer. So visit our store location in Calgary to experience the best cannabis dispensary experience that the country has to offer.”

The store runs regular promotional campaigns that give customers more bang for their buck on the store’s catalog of high-quality cannabis products. The company has a special premier membership that rewards loyal customers by giving them 5% off on all cannabis products (excluding clearance items). All a customer has to do to take advantage of the premier membership is to sign up at the store. Premier members also receive a monthly email newsletter that updates them of exclusive in-store deals and events.

The company is also running a price matching promotion that guarantees that customers will be able to find products at a price that matches or is less than any of the competing legal recreational stores in Calgary. All the customer has to show is the competitor’s regular price of the said product on its online menu and they can enjoy the same product at Green Earth Cannabis at the competition’s price.

The store also marks the products that are gaining popularity and receiving special attention from consumers as its own “Staff Picks”. All new and returning customers are actively encouraged to try the constantly updated “Staff Picks” because of their innovative formulations, flavors, and intended effects.

The company’s selection of cannabis flower buds includes delectable selections spanning the entire gamut of marijuana strains such as SYMBL - Solar Power Sour Kush, OGEN - Bacio Punch, OGEN - Early Glue, OGEN - Lemon Z, Freshly Baked #76, ARTISAN BATCH - Screwhead, GREENSEAL - Mango Kush, GREENSEAL - Chemdawg Ultra, GOOD BUDS - Sapphire OG, Gluerangutan, GOOD BUDS - Mango Taffie, Ultra Sour, COLOR CANNABIS - Pedro's Sweet Sativa, COLOR CANNABIS - Mango Haze, EDISON - Black Cherry Punch, EDISON - Limelight, Kmintz, HOUSEPLANT - Indica, VERTICAL - Cold Creek Kush, KOLAB PROJECT - Slurricane, and many more.

The store’s selection of pre-rolls includes items such as COLOR CANNABIS - Pedro's Sweet Sativa, EDISON - Limelight, GENERAL ADMISSION - Kootenay Fruit, HOUSEPLANT - Sativa, KOLAB PROJECT - Indica, BOAZ - Dank Rainbow, 7ACRES - White Widow, SKOSHA - Mirage Plus, GOOD SUPPLY - Monkey Glue, HABITAT LIFE - Cake, WEED ME - Grandpa's Stash, VIOLET TOURIST - Sour OG Cheese, QUEEN OF BUD - Aventurine, and many more.

Existing and potential customers can visit location: 1305 33 St NE #5, Calgary, AB T2A 5P1 to browse the company’s carefully curated merchandise under the helpful guidance of its experienced and courteous cannabis budtenders. The store can be contacted at the email address or at the phone number 403-475-9975 for all inquiries.


For more information about Green Earth Cannabis, contact the company here:

Green Earth Cannabis
Jason Struct
(403) 475-9975
1305 33 St NE #5, Calgary, AB T2A 5P1