GreatLandInvestments Helps Sell Your Land Fast

GreatLandInvestments (GLI), based in Las Vegas, Nevada, would like to reach out to local residents who may be looking to sell their land fast. The company has helped multiple clients sell their properties at good rates and within a much shorter period than usual. With their team of highly qualified experts, the company knows how to sell land and what to do to ensure that it sells quickly.

The company is run by Jason Rusk and Ysaac Guerrero, a pair of highly qualified land investment specialists who find great properties and acquire them at great rates. They understand how difficult it can be to sell and how difficult it can be to find funding — and they strive to ensure that each client gets a good price on their property. Buyers, in particular, may find GreatLandInvestments’ services very useful as the company offers a number of financing options, and bad credit is generally not a problem as they do not carry out credit checks on certain properties. The company places great emphasis on making the purchase or sale of property as easy as possible, and one can rest assured that Rusk and Guerrero know what they are doing.

The company’s site has sold a number of properties using the real estate expertise of its leaders. One piece of land the company has sold can be found in Colorado. “Build your dream here,” the property description says. The Colorado land for sale offers panoramic mountain views and multiple adventures across the 5.02 acres of raw land in Costilla County, Colorado. The property is just 11.2 miles from CO-142 and offers a number of great opportunities for those looking to live off-grid. Costilla County, where the property is located, is home to many different species of wildlife, such as deer, elk, antelope, mule, deer and moose (which can often be found grazing the field).

The Costilla County Mountains are also home to coyotes, bears, bighorn sheep, lynx and mountain lions. The area offers mild temperatures and wild flowers in large numbers. The property offers dozens of other opportunities and activities, and GreatLandInvestments managed to sell the property to an eager buyer for $4,999.

Another piece of land sold by the company is a 15-acre property located along El Paso Road in San Luis, Colorado. Described as ‘the perfect land,’ the property offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and affords a great deal of privacy from neighbors. The property is very accessible, with the surrounding roads being very well maintained. Its cash price was $8,999, and GreatLandInvestments managed to find a buyer for the property within a relatively short time.

GreatLandInvestments was also able to sell a piece of property near Mesito Reservoir in R.G.R. Located on Nance Boulevard, Sanford, the cash price of the property was $2,999. The owner’s financing options included 36 payments of $151.44 per month with a down payment of $348, or 48 payments of 113.58 a month with a down payment of $348. The property was sold and is one among many pieces of land that have been sold by the company.

The company offers a number of financing options that can help clients purchase the properties they want. “We know it’s not easy to find inexpensive land and even more difficult to find funding,” says GreatLandInvestments. “So, we have made it easier by offering affordable land and direct financing options on all our lands. We do all the work of finding and buying great land deals and putting them in front of you. We’ve helped hundreds like you start living their dreams. We offer amazingly low cash prices and owner-financing as well. We can help you do the same, acquiring your ideal property. Start living your dreams; own your very own great land now!”

GLI is always available to help clients buy or sell property. When selling one’s property, there are a number of actions that one can take to make it sell faster. GreatLandInvestments can help property owners find buyers quickly, and they regularly help buyers find properties at good rates as well. For more information on the company, visit their website or contact their representatives directly.


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