Grace Roofing Winston Salem Is Offering Roof Financing Options Through Enhancify

Grace Roofing, a local Winston Salem roofing company is offering financing through Enhancify. These financing offers can be used to avail of its services such as commercial roofing, roof replacement, roof repair, and metal roofing. The company’s Google My Business page can be accessed at

The company offers easy financing options, and rates as low as $99 a month. Homeowners can check to see if they qualify by following the Enhancify link on its site. Enhancify allows the homeowner to check their potential rates with only a soft pull on their credit.

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A total roof replacement can cost upwards of $5,000. There are other factors that influence the price, too. These costs can add up and make a serious dent in the homeowner’s budget. The company says it understands the problems associated with a major repair and the considerable financial burden that it brings. As homeowners themselves, they say they understand the pressure that a lack of financing options can create. For that reason, the company says they struck a partnership with Enhancify to join a small list of local roofing companies that offer financing options. The company says its new partnership should benefit anyone searching for “Roofing Winston Salem” online.

The application for financing can be broken down into 3 steps. First, customers are welcomed to get their free, no-obligation roof estimate from the company’s roofing specialists. This lets the customers understand how much financing they really need. This can vary depending on the type of roof they want to have installed. Shingle average roof replacement costs are mid-level, while metal roofing can be much more. The company says its goal is to provide the most accurate, comprehensive roof estimate to local homeowners so that they can confidently move ahead with their home improvements. The company will visit the customer’s home and carefully assess their roofing needs. The company’s technicians will look at the options for roof repairs and replacements, and provide a detailed breakdown of how and when they can get this work done

The second step is to visit the company’s Enhancify page to apply for financing. The customer will be required to enter their information in the portal. Enhancify uses secure 256-bit encryption to protect all the information that is provided to it. The Enhancify team will consider all applications regardless of credit score. When the credit score is checked, the team assures customers that the soft check won’t affect their credit score. In case a customer is worried about their home, the company assures them they have got them covered on that front, too. The new roof financing options at Winston Salem, NC doesn’t require the customer to borrow against their home. This leads to a completely safe and secure funding method for all roof-related expenses.

Finally, Enhancify will present the customer with new roof financing options. The customer should then choose the one that best suits their repayment and interest terms, and complete the online application. Overall, there is a quick application process, no home collateral, no restrictive repayment terms, or debilitating interest rates. The company asks its customers to know and vet their options before they approve the company’s quote. The company maintains that its partnership with Enhancify allows customers to enjoy simple, no-stress, easy financing.

Richard Sakowski, the spokesperson for Grace Roofing says, “As a small, family-owned business with more than 15 years’ experience in the roofing industry, we’re very fortunate. We’re big enough to take on every job. At the same time, we’ve stayed small enough to care about every relationship we build. We take care of our customers. That means being with them every step of the way from the first inspection to the financing to the completion of the job. Our partnership with Enhancify will allow many people who might not have been able to afford critical repairs to their homes to finally get around to getting it done. This partnership will prove useful to anyone searching for ‘Roof Financing Winston Salem’ online.”


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