Grace Roofing And Construction Publishes Blog Post On Roofing In Winston Salem

Grace Roofing and Construction LLC, a Winston Salem roofing company, recently published a new blog post which explains why a roof leak can sometimes seem to be ‘hit or miss.’ Leaky roofs may sometimes not leak when it is raining, and there is a reason for this, which Grave Roofing and Construction’s blog post seeks to explain.

“Our Winston Salem NC roofing professionals are roof leak detection specialists when it comes to hard to locate leaks,” the blog post says. “Most homeowners picture a roof leak the way we see it in the movies and in cartoons — the drip, drip, drip of water into a bucket on the floor. In reality, that’s not always the case. Although most roof leaks will result in wet patches on your carpet or flooring, it more often appears as damaging stains on the walls and ceilings of your home, as illness-causing damp and mold and as an annoying drip that you only hear sometimes.”

One of the most common causes of sporadic roof leaks is a leaky skylight. Grace Roofing and Construction often sends out teams in response to calls from homeowners complaining that their skylight is leaking. This is usually caused by seals, joinery, sealants or flashing around the skylight becoming worn, deteriorated or separated over time. This usually results in the affected area only leaking during heavy rainstorms. This means one is unlikely to see any leaking except in cases involving heavy rainfall. Learn more here: Roof Leak Winston-Salem.

Another factor that causes roofs to leak only on occasion is plumbing being mistaken for faulty roofing. “If the weather has been dry when you notice water damage, condensation or the tell-tale drip, drip sound a leak, you could potentially have plumbing issues on your hands,” the blog post says. “Equipment that has been ducted in, like your ventilation and heat/cooling system, could have sustained wear and tear, or damage. Your whiteware — fridges, freezers, washing machines, etc. — may not be operating at optimum capacity. If you notice signs of a leak in dry, calm weather but specifically at a certain time of day, the first place to check is your bathrooms. Leaky faucets are a quick and affordable DIY fix. Leaky pipes are a little more complicated, but infinitely more affordable than water remediation work throughout your home if left unchecked.”

Chimneys have been found to be the main cause of leaks in many circumstances as well. A fireplace may be nice to have, especially during the cold winter months, but having one comes with certain risks. The risk of a chimney leaking during storms is very high. It is not always easy to tell when one’s chimney is leaking but it is very easy for the outer structure of a chimney to allow water to settle. This retained water in turn increases the risk of leaching imperfect roof shingles and damaging one’s ceiling or attic.

There are a number of other issues that can cause a roof to leak sporadically, and Grace Roofing and Construction LLC’s blog post talks in great detail about some of them. Notably, one can avoid some of these issues by having their roof inspected by a professional. Grace Roofing and Construction offers a 4-point detailed roof inspection at a very affordable rate, and each homeowner gets $100 credit towards future repairs if they purchase the 40-point inspection before the end of the year.

A number of people have made use of Grace Roofing and Construction’s services to handle their roof leak Winston Salem. One homeowner says, “They were punctual, efficient and very courteous. They paid close attention to potential damage (flower pots, bird feeders, etc.) and moved them out of harm's way before covering my gardens with tarps to protect them from debris. It also made it easier for their cleanup, which was very well done. They cleared the gutters of debris, then ran a magnet over my lawn as well as my driveway to get any stray nails. All around, very happy. They were a fantastic crew.”

Another homeowner shares, “I was extremely impressed with my experience with Grace Roofing. Every step of the process was communicated clearly, and I was provided with exceptional customer service. I highly recommend them.”

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