Grace Roofing and Construction now Installing Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Winston Salem

Grace Roofing and Construction LLC, a respected Winston Salem Roofing Company, is quickly establishing itself as the unquestioned leader in their area when it comes to metal roofing. That’s because they now are installing advanced standing seam metal roofing panels that not only are extremely decorative but are also virtually leakproof under normal conditions. The special metal panels because of the way that they are installed and how sturdily they are built also feature unmatched longevity.

The company owner, Richard Sakowski, says, “Many people are under the impression that all types of metal roofing panels offer the same benefits. That’s simply not the case. Some like the standing seam metal roofing panels that we offer are very advanced compared to other types of metal roofing panels that are out there. So much so, that they are by far what we recommend most to our customers who are exploring their metal roofing options. We encourage anyone who is looking for a quality made, decorative, and long-lasting roof covering, to highly consider adding standing seam metal roofing panels atop of their homes.”

Metal Roofing Winston Salem

Sakowski continued by saying that one of the more unique qualities of their specialized metal roofing is that it has a hidden fastener system which greatly enhances its looks. In addition to that, standing seam metal roofing panels are raised where they are fastened together. He added that this keeps their seams about 1 ½” above the normal water runoff channel. That way if even a section of one of the seams where two metal panels come together opens up over time, that seam is well above where the roof sheds the water and still will not leak. The company owner says that this is not the case with more conventional metal roofing panels because they are fastened together with screws that have neoprene washers that keep water from penetrating the roof. Those washers typically wear out after 10-15 years and by the time the leak is found, there is normally a lot of damage to the roof and the roof decking from water intrusion. Sakowski also pointed out that customers may save 50%-60% on the installation of regular metal roofing panels but they usually only last about as long as a shingle roof. Standing seam metal roofing is a true metal roof and when installed correctly will last a lifetime.

Those who have had standing seam metal roofs installed by Grace Roofing and Construction give them high marks on their Winston Salem roofing reviews. John Webster, simply stated in his 5 out of a possible 5-star review, “Very pleased with our standing seam roof.” Steff Nicholson declared, “Fantastic to deal with!! Friendly customer service and fair prices. Highly recommend! Kate Brown wrote, “Very pleased with the work and the whole process. They did everything promised. Even a friend, who is rarely impressed, said they did a great job. Great local company. Well worth your time to contact.” All of these reviews were left on the company’s Goggle maps Business Listing where some 50 reviews average out to a much more than respectable 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars.

Sakowski went on to add that they are a family-owned roofing business that brings over 15-years of experience to every job that they do in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. One of their most popular services is whole roof replacements. He says that they also do many other large and small type roof repairs and they are excellent when it comes to finding and resolving roof leak issues. They have also made a name for themselves providing high-quality commercial flat roof services. The owner stated that those who would like more information on their metal roofing Winston Salem services can call them, shoot them an email, or they can fill out the form found in the middle of the homepage on their website. Grace Roofing and Construction not only provides roofing services for those in Winston Salem but also serves the roofing needs of those in Greensboro, King, Tobaccoville, and High Point.


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