Grace Roofing And Construction LLC Is Offering Roof Replacement Services In High Point NC

Grace Roofing And Construction LLC, a North Carolina roofing company, is offering Winston Salem, King/Tobaccoville, and High Point NC roof replacement services. The company is urging customers to check their roofs in case they need repairs or replacement during the crucial winter months. The company also recently received a glowing review from one of its customers. The company is also offering financing at monthly rates as low as $99 a month.

Usually, roof repairs are dangerous and hazardous in the winter months because it is icy, wet, and windy. It is a real consideration for roofing contractors in other parts of the US. However, North Carolina averages only 6 inches of snow in a year, and the temperature very rarely drops below 40 degrees during the day. The company assures customers that having a roof repaired during the winter is not worrisome in North Carolina because the winters are fairly mild. The company says that it is experienced and well equipped to deal with the problems that are to be faced when repairing or installing roofs in winter. The company says that customers can trust its expertise in High Point NC roofing services.

High Point Roof Replacement

The company says that new roofing needs to be installed on a clean, bare, prepared deck and an icy, wet deck is not ideal. Alongside the reduced performance and impact on the longevity of the roof, labor costs are likely to increase when the roofing contractor spends more time preparing the substrate. There are also potential roof installation hazards such as slip hazards like moisture (rain, ice, snow, etc) that make the slope of the roof slippery to navigate. There are also wind hazards such as strong winds interfering with roofing materials, blowing tree and plant debris onto the roof, or impacting vision and hearing.

There is also the consideration of restrictive winter gear such as the requirement for a winter jacket, wet-weather gear, boots, gloves, etc. that can add an extra 15-20 pounds to the roofing contractors’ load and severely restrict movement. Roofing in the winter might also affect the raw materials used in roofing. Asphalt shingles may lose flexibility. Weather resistance may drop in shingles. Roofing contractors can have difficulty cutting shingles to size. There is an increased risk of overdriving. The self-sealant adhesive strips may not self-activate.

The spokesperson for the company responds to the concerns by saying, “Because of our warm and temperate climate, the chance of ice forming anywhere on your home is low. On top of that, our team of roofing installation experts will typically remove the roof and prepare the substrate in the morning, and install the new materials in the afternoon when the weather heats up which means that your roofing is applied over a strong substrate. We know the manufacturer’s ideal temperature range for their products, and can expertly apply roofing cement to the shingles for a strong, professional roofing finish in the coldest temperatures. If it ever gets too cold, we will switch to hand nailing your shingles to deliver a better, more resilient finish.”

The company’s High Point NC roofing review on its Google My Business page by Crona Charlotte says, “Grace Roofing is my go-to company for any roofing needs. They are quick to respond and do quality work. The teams are great to work with.” The company responded to the review by saying, “Thank you for the positive review, Mrs. Charlotte, I'm glad we could get that leak fixed quickly before it caused any interior damage. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

The company is offering financing options through its partnership with Enhancify. There is a quick application process. The Enhancify team considers all applications regardless of credit score. No home collateral is required. There are no restrictive repayment terms or debilitating interest rates. The customers get to know all of their options before approving the quote. The company says that it is simple, no-stress, easy financing.


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