GoPro Locksmith Explains The Importance Of Hiring A Locksmith After An Eviction

Palo Alto, California based GoPro Locksmith is reaching out to the wider audience to explain the importance of hiring a locksmith after an eviction. Go Pro Locksmith is a family-owned business that was established in 1999. Today, they provide their services to the residents of Palo Alto and San Bruno. More information about the team can be found here:

Renata Amir, a representative for GoPro Locksmith, says, “While it is unfortunate, landlords and property managers sometimes have the need to evict tenants from time to time. The process is difficult enough as is, so landlords and property managers should know that having a locksmith on hand on the final day of the eviction is crucial to keeping their property safe and the eviction running smoothly.”

Go Pro Locksmith

In their blog post, GoPro Locksmith breaks down the current situation. Due to COVID-19 and its economic impact, there is currently a moratorium on evictions. This means, in most cases, that between February of 2021 and June 30 of 2021, people cannot be forced from their rented homes. However, when the moratorium ends, there will be an influx of evictions carried out soon after. At this time, it will be crucial to have a reliable locksmith at hand due to the influx of evictions, busy or booked locksmiths and the urgent need for lock changes.

GoPro Locksmith explains that tenants will need to pay their landlords that month's rent, plus 25% of the amount owed in back rent, when the eviction moratorium ends. Unfortunately, many may not be able to pay these amounts, which will lead to evictions. In such cases, changing the locks to the rented property is advisable after the landlords have gone through the necessary steps to enact an eviction. A change of locks protects the property from damages — and protects future tenants from potential theft or trespassers.

GoPro Locksmith has experience in residential and commercial eviction services in the Palo Alto and San Bruno areas. The company promises fast, discreet and efficient service. They assert that they will keep a locksmith within a mile radius on the date that the moratorium ends. That way, they can respond within 15-30 minutes (or at an appointmented time). Once the sheriff has cleared the property, it is advisable to have the locks rekeyed or replaced immediately. This way, the evicted tenants can no longer access the property. More information about their eviction related services can be found in the full blog post:

The services provided by GoPro Locksmith have made them popular amongst Palo Alto residents. The company boasts a perfect 5-Star rating on the Google platform. In his review, Kenny Lee writes, “I needed a duplicate key with a transponder for my car. The owner responded to my online quote within 20 minutes. We agreed on a price and a location. Phil came to my car on the date and time promised. Friendly and professional service. They got the key made and programmed in the time promised. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Would definitely use their services again! Extremely pleased with the entire experience!”

Meanwhile in another review, Ehsan Farkhondeh shares, “Fantastic experience with Philip and GoPro Locksmith. We moved into a new house and needed all the doors rekeyed — 11 in all! It was a very hot day but he worked diligently and efficiently and got everything done. Our younger son was napping, and he stayed away from that door and made sure to ask that the nap was over before working on that part of the house. He communicated everything he was doing very well and gave lots of useful tips about the various doors and locks we had. Very happy and would use him again next time we need locksmith services.”

Those who want to learn more about GoPro Locksmith and their services are welcome to visit the company's website for more information. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Renata Amir directly via email or phone. GoPro Locksmith maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers. Their Facebook page can be found here:

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